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Powerful Delegation Strategies for Franchise Success


By Evan Hackel

Delegation is a fundamental skill for all successful business professionals. However, I contend that it is especially critical for franchise owners aiming to manage multiple franchise locations while ensuring their overall success and growth.

Many franchise owners struggle with delegation. They often follow a familiar pattern:

  1. Starting Small: An owner begins by purchasing a single franchise and invests significant effort to make it thrive. This hands-on approach becomes ingrained as they continue to closely oversee every aspect of the business.
  2. Scaling Challenges: Transitioning from a sole location owner to managing several or many franchises can be daunting. Even within a single location, growth can pose similar difficulties.
  3. The Supervisor’s Dilemma: As the business expands, one supervisor cannot be everywhere. At this juncture, the owner faces a crucial decision: hire competent employees, trust them, and delegate responsibilities.
  4. Shifting Supervision Styles: The same hands-on supervision that led to initial success must evolve. Effective delegation requires relinquishing some control.

Steps Toward Successful Delegation

  1. Define Roles Clearly: Before hiring, establish a clear vision for each role. Are you hiring someone to open new locations, manage staffing (HR), or oversee retail and sales? Seek individuals with relevant experience, aptitude, and skills for specific tasks.
  2. Choose Delegatable Individuals: Look for candidates who embrace input and suggestions. During interviews, assess their attitude. Will they be open to delegation?
  3. Effective Communication: Ensure candidates understand instructions promptly. Effective listeners who grasp expectations quickly are valuable. And remember that if you have to repeat instructions, that can lead to micromanagement.
  4. Training and Trust: Provide comprehensive training in critical job skills. Once confident in your team’s abilities, loosen your grip on details. Shift focus from working in the business to working on its expansion.

Remember, successful delegation empowers growth and frees you to tackle broader business challenges.


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