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Welcome to the Influence-Magazine Today monthly mag for Executives who need to raise the bar, climb the heights, and reach the summit of their marketplace.

Suppose you are working harder than expected and earning less than needed. In that case, you, my friend, are a prime candidate for becoming a subscriber to this bleeding-edge information collection to make your business or practice, wealth, and life everything it should be.

Scroll through the pages and witness how to be the influencer you can be. This inaugural issue focused on one of the 20th century’s greatest influencers- our 40th President, Ronald Reagan. Step into his shoes and witness first-hand how his life and story transformed a nation.

Imagine if you had the chance to meet President Reagan. Consider what an enormous impact he made on the world. I wonder at his accomplishments as a small-town rural kid to become the most extraordinary and powerful man on the planet when we needed his leadership, charisma, and intellect.

I hope you consider what influencer status can bring to your world. Imagine for a moment that you, too, could have what it takes to change the world, at least your part. That’s what becoming a top influencer can mean.

These following issues will be available for free, but the time will come when it becomes a private but membership-only subscription. Enjoy it while it’s open to the world.

For more information on what is inside, how to become a Featured Influencer, and how to take advantage of the Early Adopter subscription price of 67% off the cover price. Email me at davidjdunworth@gmail.com with the words -TELL ME MORE in the subject line.

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