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Dinosaurs are Running Free and Most are in DC

Just when we thought dinosaurs are extinct, we find that to be false. Theories point to the weather being too hot or too cold, or the sea level dropped, or a large asteroid was the cause of their demise some 65 million years ago. However, we are now aware that dinosaurs are alive, running free, and most of them are in DC.

There is a considerable chance you already guessed that I’m referring to the members of the Senate and the House of Representatives. However, you may not agree with my correlation. I’ll walk you through my thought process.

Dinosaurs Aren’t Just Large Reptiles

Ordinarily, the word dinosaur immediately prompts images of large reptiles like Tyrannosaurs, Sauropods, Triceratops, Raptors, etc. The definition of dinosaur is more than that.

There are two definitions of the word dinosaur, the second being; “something that is unwieldy in size, anachronistically outmoded, or unable to adapt to change.” That’s a mouthful so it requires a breakdown in order to fully understand what it states.

The term unwieldy is defined as; unmanageable, uncontrollable, burdensome. Apply that to our senators and representatives. Through their actions, they repeatedly show how they focus on their agenda without taking into account the needs of the people they represent. In their mind, they have a plan and will not listen to other reasoning.

Running Free

The definition of anachronistically is; “something or someone that is not in its correct historical or chronological time, especially a thing or person that belongs to an earlier time.” Members of the house and senate are not able to react quickly to current needs as they assert tactics to get their agendas pushed through.

An approval for say funding for COVID-19 medicine makes it to the floor. One party wants a school funding clause added to it in order for them to vote yes. This fictional example shows what needs to be addressed immediately is hampered by what was their quest before. Dinosaurs are more interested in their overall plan than react to current issues.

Senators and Representatives

This slight exaggeration reveals how both Congress and the House of Representatives are unmanageable, uncontrollable, focused on the past, and disconnected from the needs of the people. That is the definition of a dinosaur.

Most are in DC

Now you understand how I arrived at the statement that dinosaurs are running free and most of them are in DC, let’s check the statistics.  I created two charts; one is the current list of US Senators and the other is the current list of the House of Representatives from Wikipedia.org.

The lists contain the member’s name, the date they assumed the office, and the number of years they have served. I created these charts with only that information since this is not about who people like or dislike, democrats or republicans, not even what state they are from. This is in reference to the amount of time each member has been in office.

Is there a correlation between the amount of time served in an office to the creation of a dinosaur? The charts are shocking as to the number of years some members have served; 19 years, 29 years, 39 years, even 47 years.

The List Reveals Dinosaurs

I scrolled down the list and saw the extended length of service of some in office. This led me to deduce that dinosaurs are running free and most are in DC. Read down the chart and ask yourself, how far down the list do you get before becoming comfortable with the amount of time someone has been in office?

List of US Senators

List of US House of Representatives

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