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BEing Seen and BEing Heard as a Thought Leader

When thinking about my first post, I thought that a link to my TED talk was a great way to start.

It covers several thoughts and ideas for your business. When I re-watched it this weekend, I wrote down twenty different ideas that stood out. Here are seven:

  • As a thought leader, are you sharing a message of service?
  • Trust comes from vulnerability, integrity & authenticity!
  • Are you being vulnerable & authentic?
  • Are you creating opportunities to be known, liked and trusted?
  • Are you screaming “Buy, Buy, Buy” on social media? If won’t work!
  • The microphone that everyone has with social media is really a headset, where you must listen more than talk.
  • Are you “truly” listening to your prospects and clients and changing your products and services as a result?

What do you think? What idea stood out for you when watching this talk?

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