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All Business with Jeffrey Hayzlett on C-Suite Radio Announces Blitz Week

All Business with Jeffrey Hayzlett, the leading business podcast on C-Suite Radio, is announcing “Blitz Week” the week of March 15th, with a series of high-profile guests, including Former White House Communications Director, Anthony Scaramucci.  To commemorate another year of gripping conversation with some of the brightest minds in business, All Business with Jeffrey Hayzlett is inviting Scaramucci back to the hot seat on Tuesday, March 16th, where he will discuss the business of politics, and more.

In addition to Scaramucci, Hazylett will be interviewing Andrew Zimmern, host of “Family Dinner,” James Beard Award-Winning Personality, Chef, and activist for a second time, to better understand the current state of the restaurant industry, food equality, and learn more about Zimmern’s philanthropic efforts. Another featured guest is Julie Roehm, CMO of Party City, discussing how the party and events industry adapted to a pandemic and the hardships their C-Suite faced as new executives.

“It’s hard to believe just one year ago, we were celebrating the show’s 200th episode. I’ve had the privilege to sit across some of the biggest names in business, as well as disruptors and innovators,” said host Jeffrey Hazylett. “I am honored to be able to host this show and put the spotlight on the complexities with transparency, humor, and a health dose of reality. Excited to see what 2021 brings.”

See below for a complete live schedule of All Business with Jeffrey Hazylett – Blitz week:

  • Monday, March 15th – Andrew Zimmern (LIVE @ 3:30PM EST)
  • Tuesday, March 16th – Anthony Scaramucci (LIVE @ 12N EST)
  • Wednesday, March 17th – David Heath (LIVE at 2PM EST)
  • Thursday, March 18th – Special guest to be announced at a later date
  • Friday, March 19th – Julie Roehm (LIVE @ 12N EST)


For more information, visit: https://csuiteold.c-suitenetwork.com/radio/show/. All episodes are being livestreamed live from Jeffrey’s Facebook or LinkedIn pages.

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