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Active Shooter – Are You Prepared?


By Brian Searcy
Active Shooter – Are You Prepared?

May 28, 2022

I am sure that most if not all of you are aware of what happened in Uvalde TX on Tuesday.  19 Young Students and 2 Teachers Killed in a horrific School Shooting at Robb Elementary School. Our prayers go out to the entire Uvalde Community.

We are starting to get a report that the door that the shooter entered through was unlocked.  That is consistent with what I saw from the video of him entering the school.  With most of our clients, prior to participating in our Situational Awareness Programs, it was not an unusual occurrence for doors to be unlocked, to be propped open, for people to be able to “hitch hike” into the building.

And this didn’t just apply to businesses, schools and churches.  It applies to you in your home as well.  The number of examples we have of people being victims because they do not lock their home, turn outside lights on, leave their cars unlocked are way too many to count.

What we do know.  After going through our program, Situational Awareness Habits, Behaviors, and Mindset were learned and developed through the continuous practice of their process.  They now keep the doors closed and locked and have a continuous awareness of what is going on around them.

An active shooting event like this, unfortunately today, can happen anywhere, not just at schools.

Details are still coming in.  Could this event have been prevented if there had been different training, if the people in the school and community had learned and developed Situational Awareness?  As mentioned above about the unlocked door, perhaps it could have been prevented, or a locked door could have added some additional “time and space” to all the emergency responders to arrive.

But we may never know.  What we do know is that you, your family, your schools & churches, your businesses & your communities are more safe when this skill is part of your safety, security, mental health and leadership learning programs.


You are able to identify the changes in behavior, the indicators of potential problems, AND be empowered to do something about it.

Many people today do notice behaviors, even indicators, but then they do not ACT on it.

Remember, the World is Not a Safe Place today.


Have you thought about what you would do in this type of situation?  Do you know what you are capable of doing?  Are you looking for the indicators so that you can potentially stop these types of events from happening?

If you have not developed your Situational Awareness Habits, Behaviors and Mindset and to not practice a process, give the Paratus Group a call.

Remember, WE are the First Responders.

Contact us to get the training you need.

Brian Searcy, Col (Ret) USAF

President – Paratus Group




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