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7 of 7: How Do You Keep The Sales Circle Going & Growing?

The sales cycle is never-ending. It evolves, flows, and repeats itself the next time a customer is looking to make a purchase. Congratulations if you won the sale. Celebrate the victory and begin the follow up of delivering on the product or service that was sold. If you sold any product or service, follow up would include making sure the product works or service is delivered as agreed with the customer in the previous steps in the sales process. Remember to express thanks, gratitude, and/or appreciation in an appropriate way.

Integrating mindfulness in the follow-up and gratitude is taking a moment to feel gratitude in your body as the truth of your experience. Don’t just say you are grateful, feel it! Feel joy in your body. Share that joy with your potential customer/lead/prospect.
Remember your intention
Keep your beliefs positive
Focus on your positive vision
Mindful Sales is a joy-filled, easy process when you set that intention early, often and throughout the sales process. When Eric came to Holly stressed and overwhelmed and she asked him, “does it have to be this way?” she changed the way he thought about his interaction with customers before, during, and after the sale.

Eric Szymanski is a C-Suite Network Advisor and an award-winning co-author of Sell More, Stress Less: 52 Tips to Become a Mindful Sales Professional.  Learn more about his work at www.MindfulSalesTraining.com. He is an American hospitality industry professional with extensive sales & marketing leadership experience. Eric has demonstrated success in leading high-performing sales teams through planning, implementing, and monitoring actionable sales and marketing plans at hotels and resorts of all sizes, including city-center, convention district, airport, and attractions areas. He has a proven track record of success at all levels through the achievement of both individual and team goals for several 1st tier, globally recognized brands such as Disney, Marriott, Hilton & Starwood Hotels & Resorts.

Throughout his career, Eric has created authentic, world-class experiences while volunteering at all levels in several meetings industry associations. In 2018, Eric was recognized with the top individual sales award in the convention sales division at The Walt Disney Company. In 2002, he was recognized as Caterer of the Year by the Orlando, Florida Chapter of the National Association of Catering Executives. He is an avid runner, choral music performer & father of twin daughters who entered college in the fall of 2019.

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