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3 Ways to Build Influence Online

In my book, I.C.U., The Comprehensive Guide to Breathing Life Back Into Your Personal Brand, I talk about the three ways I believe we each live out our Personal Brand: Personally, Online, and Publicly. I often refer to this as: POP Your Brand™.

Our world today is submerged in living out much of our life online. We Google people before we ever meet them to find out more about them. What we discover online about others gives us a sense of the overall persona of that person. Often, it is the only information we have about the person and their business that allows our brain to form this mental impression.

Here are three ways to build an influential online brand:

Build Your Expertise.

One of the best ways to build your expertise is to create. Creating content gets your thoughts and opinions out there for the world to see. In many ways, the internet has leveled the playing field in this realm of building yourself as a thought leader in your industry. Everyone now can write articles and blog, generate videos, and be a guest on a podcast. The more places you can voice your opinion – whether that be in written, audio, or video format – the more you will rise to the top of your field. People need to know you before they need you. So how are you going to make yourself known in the sea of sameness? Get your opinions out there! By doing so, you will become a credible go-to resource.

Association Branding.

It is correct when our mothers tell us, “you become like the people you hang around” or “you are guilty by association.” Pay attention to who the influencers are in your field. Make a list of 10 of them that you want to be associated. Then start interacting with them online by liking, commenting, and sharing their posts and content.

Ensure your profile photos are professional.

Janine Willis and Alexander Todorov, researchers at Princeton University, found people make judgments about a person’s trustworthiness, competence, and likability within a fraction of a second after seeing someone’s face. As mentioned above, people will search for you online before they meet you and even after they meet you. Your photo is an essential element of any of your social media or website pages. In a sense, it is your logo. The headshot you choose speaks to your decision-making process and how you think of yourself. Do you care enough to put up a high quality and professional photo of yourself, or do you think a quick selfie emits a better representation of who you are? The choice is yours. Think about how you want to be perceived.

Incorporating these three tactics into your personal brand strategy will ensure you are in alignment with the brand you want to establish online. Be intentional, be consistent, and always be you.

I help executives create a powerful image and brand so they look and feel confident wherever they are. Contact me at sheila@imagepowerplay.com to schedule a 20-minute call to discuss how we can work together to grow your visibility through my return on image® services.

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