Your First Step to Create a Positive Mindset

Your First Step to Create a Positive Mindset 150 150 Christy Largent

Last week, while grabbing a cup of coffee in the break room prior to starting my training program with a new client, I overheard one side of a conversation that caused me to stop and pay attention.

A woman was on the phone, and was (loudly) sharing how everything was in chaos, her kids were going nuts, her husband was driving her crazy because his boss was breathing down his neck, so he came home grumpy every night. She finished all this with the comment “I’m just a huge mess!”

I wanted to butt right in and say -“Stop the train! Halt! Go back! HOLD IT JUST A DOGGONE MINUTE!”

But, considering I didn’t know her, I held my tongue and made a note – this is something we all need to listen for.

And that is – What are we saying to and about ourself? In what direction am I pointing my subconscious mind with my words?

What gets said out loud has a lot of power. Your subconscious mind picks up on it, then does it’s best to validate what you’ve said.

One thing we don’t want our mind searching for are more reasons to be down on ourself, our work, our colleagues, our family.

So the first step in creating a positive mindset is to notice what you are actually saying to yourself. What are your spoken words?

Listen to yourself when you talk.

What are you putting out there? Are you saying things that may be “true” but they are not helpful or uplifting?

Let’s consider the woman I mentioned earlier.

Yes, there probably is truth that her life is a bit complicated and chaotic right now. It’s probably true there are some challenges. But, and here’s the big but…

Does she need to say “I’m a mess!” out loud?

No! She does not need to say that out loud!

As a first step towards creating your most positive mindset, I want you to just NOTICE what you are saying.

Here are a couple key areas to look for:

  • Critical words
  • Judging words
  • Negative words
  • Generalizations

These are a few of the ways we speak out negativity. And before I teach you what to do with these…I just want you to notice them.

We’re going to get kind of zen….just notice. I want you to notice.

And then be sure to check back for my next article, where I’ll give you some strategies you can use once you’ve begun to notice your words in this context, and I’ll help you reframe so that you can get yourself moving in a positive and uplifting direction.

Does this resonate? If so, be sure to reach out and let me know.

Christy Largent is a positivity expert. She is hired by corporations and associations that want their employees and members to boost morale, strengthen teamwork and improve communication skills. You can call her at 530-949-3646 to see how she can help your team.