Yoda and Captain Kirk: The Ultimate Optimisys on Winning Against All Odds

Yoda and Captain Kirk: The Ultimate Optimisys on Winning Against All Odds 150 150 Craig Lack

Whether the stakes involved a rag-tag bunch of rebel scum going up against an evil empire or a would-be starship captain taking a novel approach to a final exam rigged for failure, a no-win scenario was simply not an option. Both in Star Wars and Star Trek lore, Yoda and Captain Kirk, each in his own way, decided to change his approach to the game.

In Kirk’s case, he believed the Kobayashi Maru test which simulated a catastrophic battle was fundamentally flawed and unfair—so he decided to change the rules of the game. And Yoda revealed there was another Skywalker—Leia—to lead the rebellion should Luke fail at embracing the Force and defeating the Emperor. In both cases, the protagonists were battling situations that were unacceptable yet seemed unwinnable. Also in both cases, by different mechanisms, our heroes changed the conditions at hand so it became possible to win.

Taking Down the Health Care Empire

Strange how much health care can resemble a dastardly plot involving galactic domination or an imagined reality on an Earth very different from today’s. The players fighting the status quo have been in a no-win scenario for decades. And at the end of the day, none of those involved want to accept another onerous, but less bad, change in their circumstances.

In our case, that change is health care rate increases. And for decades, those in power – hospitals, physicians, Big Pharma and insurance companies – have been continuously dictating pricing and making the rules. The commercial buyers of health care, the privately held and publicly traded companies, have been conditioned over many years to believe that the best renewal they can hope for is a less bad rate increase – the unwinnable scenario and grounds for rebellion!

The Next Generation of Health Care

What started a long time ago has made the jump to light speed. You no longer must helplessly accept overpriced inpatient PPO discounts, spread pricing pharmacy plans, outpatient surgeries billed at an average of 350% of Medicare, adverse selection or trend increases. All of these unwinnable plan design scenarios have evolved, thanks to self-funded organizations.

If you are the CEO, CFO or health care broker consultant of a self-funded organization that spends more than $5 million per year, then your very own five-year mission is to explore and seek out details about the strange, new world of exciting, new strategies that are now available to you.

Live long and prosper—and may the Force be with you.

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