Michael Houlihan and Bonnie Harvey – Workplace Culture Experts & Barefoot Wine Founders

By Michael Houlihan and Bonnie Harvey – Workplace Culture Experts & Barefoot Wine Founders

Women Make More Than 80% of Buying Decisions!

Women Make More Than 80% of Buying Decisions! 150 150 MIchael and Bonnie Harvey

When her husband or partner asks, “What’s for dinner, honey?” he’s actually telling her to plan this week’s meals, make a shopping list, buy this week’s food, make each buying decision and charge it to their card, come home and put everything away, prepare tonight’s dinner, and serve him a meal.

Yes, we said, “make each buying decision”. According to Forbes, women made 80% of the buying decisions back in 2015. And it’s even higher today. In March, we celebrate Women’s History Month, and these facts are becoming more and more relevant.

Historically Honoring Women

In 1980, President Jimmy Carter acknowledged March 2-8 as National Women’s History Week. But by the end of 1987, Congress announced that March would permanently be National Women’s History Month.

Female Power

We recently witnessed an incredibly historic election, where more women than ever in our country’s history were elected. The Speaker of the House and both senators in our state of California are women. Statistically, women vote more frequently than men, and they’re making more and more decisions on their own. What does this all mean?

For one thing—it’s democracy in action, plain and simple. We also think it bodes well for the US. We are overdue to embrace many skills women have excelled in. Whether these skills are hereditary, or whether they come from culture, environment, or education, they are sorely needed.

A Woman’s Advantage

Where men seem to complete tasks and thoughts linearly, women seem to excel at multitasking. Mothers are often the ones to juggle finances in order to meet their family’s budgets. A woman’s so-called “nesting instinct” may make her more likely to hone in on security, avoiding conflict, and discovering common ground. Women are also more likely to choose to work in a team-based environment, rather than trying to do it alone. Sounds like something we need right now, doesn’t it?

Our Own Experience

Barefoot Wine was aimed at a 35-year-old mom with two children, making her way through the grocery store, looking for a reliable wine that fit her budget.

Our business was mostly run by women. Two of our four Board of Directors members were women. Our VP was a woman, and she had total veto power. Our Marketing Director, Winemaker, Traffic Manager, Accountant, Office Manager—all women. And we had one of the first female Sales Managers in the industry. Plus, Bonnie, our Co-founder, has her own footprint on the label of what is now known as the biggest wine brand of all time!

Simply Put—It’s Good Business

Women have a multiplier effect. Rarely do they ever buy just for themselves—they buy for their partner or entire family. Any business should understand that if the market were gendered, it would be female. This is truly the power of the purse!

Women demonstrate their concern about the environment. Nielsen released a report that shows how today’s consumer prefers products that advertise sustainability, and we now know that 80% of these consumers/purchasers are female. Mothers want to give their kids a thriving environment in which they can enjoy their future. They do this by voting with each purchase.

We are eternally thankful for women’s contributions over the years, and especially now as they confidently and firmly take our economy and government by the reins. We are excited to see their natural cooperation and preservation tendencies play themselves out, both in politics and in business. We continue to encourage young women to start a business of their own and speak out for what they believe in.

Women: The world is ready to invest in your products and to listen to what you have to say!

You continually make a positive difference, and everybody benefits from your contributions. Women of the United States—Thank you!

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