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Why Sales Training Does not work

Why Sales Training Does not work 150 150 Carlos Vargas

The company’s most senior executives, Sales Managers, and professionals are gathered. The theme and content are strong. The location is superb. The ballroom is decked out with A/V bling. All of the speeches are written, and all of the slides complete.
What could possibly make the event better?

Our experience tells us that a change in information does not equal change in behavior. The enduring belief that speech-driven sales training or off-site will change behavior is unwise. While some new information may be absorbed, very little will stick—and even less will happen afterward.

The audience is undoubtedly filled with some of the best minds in your organization. These are people your company should be investing in to bring out their best thinking, leadership, and action. A PowerPoint slide fest from the stage is not enough.

To create shared ownership of a strategic initiative and inspire the motivation to execute, leaders must be actively engaged in designing the changes to come. All attendees must become active participants to accelerate the mindset shift and liberate the energy needed to achieve change.

THE GOAL? From Passive Attendees to Active Participants

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