Claudia Harvey

By Claudia Harvey

Virtual Marketing Solutions

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The COVID-19 crisis resulted in closures during the heart of Dig It® Apparel‘s most prominent season, which was forecasted to triple business this year. The ability to reach customers, agents, distributors, and retailers were threatened further when compounded with trade show cancellations. Not being able to get in front of and connect with current and new buyers for our products would impact the current years’ sales, dramatically!
As entrepreneurs, we are presented with challenges that put our survival instincts to the test. I would like to share a workaround that enabled me to continue with “business as usual” with a twist.
Our marketing team was already planning a live-stream event as a virtual solution for a VIP event that was canceled for BG Property Holdings. I thought, “Why not hold a virtual trade show for Dig It? If we can’t get to the trade show why not bring the trade show to me!

And that’s exactly what I did!

I set up my home office with the same products, banners, and displays that I would’ve brought to the trade show, invited my entire Dig It network across the world, and facilitated a live demo.  And here’s the key: it was done professionally and on-brand. It went off without a hitch and my network received the same information as if they were standing in front of me! The live event was recorded so I also had a professionally branded video that I could share with other business prospects or use as a marketing tool.   

The results: I received a 95% attendance rate and generated amazing questions and feedback both during and after the event. I wasn’t going to let anything get in my way  – #unstoppable.


We are all in this together. We will come out the other end and when we do we will rely on the network we’ve cultivated and supported to hit the ground running and together we will be stronger than we ever were.