Using DiSC Part 4: Communication with High S – Steadiness

Using DiSC Part 4: Communication with High S – Steadiness 150 150 Amy Tolbert

Communication with High S (Steadiness): Steady Eddie

Communicating effectively is a challenge in any organization because our communication styles vary from person to person. They’re based on our preferences, needs, and expectations of ourselves and others. Communication is a challenge because some styles are compatible with ours, and others… not so much.

You can improve the way you work – and play – by understanding your behavioral strengths, and by identifying and valuing those strengths in others.

ECCO International improves employee and organizational effectiveness by developing multicultural competence for clients in national and global markets. We improve the workplace environment on a long-term basis, which enhances the productivity of your organization. When workplace environment improves, productivity increases, thereby increasing profits!

Communicating Across Styles

In this fourth of six presentations on Communicating Across styles, you’ll learn about working with someone with a High S style – people who present Steadiness as a primary behavior, according to the DiSC behavior assessment tool. A person with High S places emphasis on cooperation, sincerity, and dependability. DiSC helps you determine how to improve communication skills in response to people with High S and others in your organization. ECCO International has extensive experience in this area, so we’re the best ones to help you identify opportunities for improvement!

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CEO: Dr. Amy S. Tolbert

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