The “IT Factor” – Do You Have It??

The “IT Factor” – Do You Have It?? 150 150 Dr Karen Jacobson

Have you ever seen someone walk into a room and immediately capture everyone’s attention?  Perhaps, it was a business meeting, a networking event or a stage performance.  That person just had such a commanding presence, that you felt drawn into their conversation. That ability to draw people is at times called charisma. In show business and on stage we call the “It factor”, in the business world you call it Executive Presence.

Some say you either have it or you don’t, that you’re born with it. While that might often be the case, I have seen people transform by making changes to their mindset and appearance.  As a result, they changed the way they were seen by others.

Think of your favorite actor, singer or politician. Maybe it’s a leader in your company.  What gives that individual the “It Factor”?

While they may have had the talent they still needed to develop the skillsets.

Here are five things that you can practice in order to increase your own “It factor”

1. Have a made up mind – People are drawn to certainty. After all, every ship needs an anchor. /spending time gaining clarity in what you want. Know what direction you’re moving in. Know your Why, yet, still be open and flexible

2. Be comfortable in your skin – Look the part, express calm energy. Dress for success. Match your company culture with your appearance. Show up clean, groomed, practice good posture, and personal hygiene.

3. Be charismatic – Energy draws people in. If you tend to be more on the quiet side, step out and express more. Practice your communication skills. Exude confidence without arrogance; being a little humble goes a long way.

4. Show genuine interest in others and be approachable, you’re not the only one in the room. Be inclusive and be interested in others and what they have to say. From your handshake and eye contact to your listening skills and body language, be present with others.

5. Know who you are and Be Yourself– people will see a right through you if you’re not authentic. Whether people are aware or not, we all have a “personal radar” and people can often spot when someone is insincere even if they don’t know why they are sensing it.

The more you practice the suggestions above, the more comfortable you will be in your leadership role. As a result, the more your team members will choose to engage with you and seek your guidance.

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