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By Christy Largent

The Gold is in Your Wisdom

The Gold is in Your Wisdom 150 150 Christy Largent

Fresh out of college I got an entry-level job in Interior Design. The woman who ran the Design Center, Nancy Kurtik, was an excellent boss. She was a straight-talking, no-nonsense, get it done kind of woman.

I was enjoying my expanding responsibilities as I met late one evening with a new client. Exhausted after a LONG product selection process, I headed for home around 9:00 pm, leaving our conference room cluttered with fabric and wallpaper samples, flooring and countertop options with many spec books open and scattered all over the room. 

When I came to work the next morning, positioned front and center on my desk was a polaroid snapshot of the conference room as I had left it. Written along the bottom were the words, “What’s wrong with this picture?”

I believe tears were involved in the resolution of that situation. (I was soooo young!)

Nancy was trying to teach me a very important skill. She wanted me to understand the power a clean and organized space has to allow for creativity and achievement. She also wanted me to learn how to pick up and clean up after myself.

Over the years, as I’ve grown in leadership skills, I often go back to that very basic lesson. Not that I’m all that thrilled with the way Nancy did it, but honestly, here I am almost 30 years later and I still remember the whole experience as though it were yesterday.

As you lead your team today, are there basic, practical skills you can teach? Maybe by example, and maybe by a clear conversation.

Today’s new entries into the workforce want to do well. They want to achieve their ambitions and grow both themselves and the organization.

But they may be lacking the skills to do just that, in the same way, I didn’t understand the basic need to pick up and put away.

When you are leading Millennials and Gen Zers, remember that thanks to YouTube, they can figure out how to do almost anything. What they really need from you is the wisdom to know what to do with their knowledge.

You can encourage them to grow professionally, and you also have a golden opportunity to help them grow personally too.

One entrepreneur client of mine, whose business is 98% staffed by Gen Z and millennials, makes a point of giving bonus pay to those who read self-development books.  (Which they provide in a company library.) 

They had noticed that the employees they hired, quickly understood how to do their job, but they tended to be slower on the old school interpersonal and communication skills needed to be really successful. As an owner, my client has seen the payback for extra dollars paid, in less conflict, better morale, and more self-directed employees.

So today, can you think of how you can help lead your employees – maybe even in the basics? What you take for granted as “common knowledge” may not be common knowledge to your team. Providing ways to spread that wisdom will pay you back dividends for years to come.

Christy Largent is a positivity expert and professional speaker. She is hired by corporations and associations that want their employees/members to boost morale, increase teamwork and strengthen communication skills. When she’s not speaking or writing, she’s practicing her stand up skills sitting down, driving her 2 kids to tennis and lacrosse events all across the Dallas metroplex. Contact her at 530-949-3646 for help maximizing your team.

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