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The First Order – What I Learned

The First Order – What I Learned 150 150 Chris Rabalais

August 15, 2019 – Hollywood

Last week marked the 15th anniversary of the first iteration of AllSportsMarket and the 5th anniversary of the current model. It has been a long, winding difficult path through minefields, swamps, and desert. Along the way, we’ve picked up friends, foes and people who don’t seem to be sure which side they are on. Then there are the wolves… in sheep’s clothing. It has been an exhilarating, exhausting frustratingly wonderful experience. I have little doubt that everyone on our team has learned more through this journey than they would have doing anything else. Last week we received our first ‘order’. I’ll get to that in a minute. First, here is what I learned:

Get In or Get Out

This is probably the hardest thing for me to understand personally. As Jeff Hayzlett likes to say, ‘pick a side’. It is shocking to me how quickly folks will cut and run or change sides at the first sign of resistance. Nothing of any significance has ever been done that way. Have I felt the desire to cut and run? You bet I have. You throw it off, banish it from your mind and you move on…over and over… and over again.

You Will Create Enemies

No matter what… and I mean NO MATTER WHAT… if you are making things happen and moving the pieces around the chessboard, you will be attacked. I can not count the number of times I’ve read this in books and articles going back hundreds of years. Despite this, I somehow think it doesn’t apply to me. It does. It applies to everyone. The lesson is this… you won’t change their mind. This is not about reason; it is about emotion (whatever that emotion is). Let it go. Move on. As my marketing mentor Gary Halbert taught me, ‘learn to ignore’. That’s powerful stuff and it isn’t easy but do it. The more energy you feed the trolls and the negativity, the bigger they get.

Step Back Often

At a recent conference, someone asked me “Did you pick ASM or did it pick you?” That’s a smart question and one I could easily answer quickly ‘It picked me for sure’. Why? I’m not a sports fan. I’m a computer nerd more interested in music and art than sports. Getting through the daily… and sometimes HOURLY frustrations of building something from nothing, you can lose perspective. The perennial ‘losing sight of the forest for the trees. For me a drive down the Pacific Coast Highway does the trick. I think about an exciting new world built around investment in sports and the financial education that will surround it. That restores my spirit to patch back up and head back out on the field. Last week, one of our founders, Jason Henry, produced our very first signed letter of intent to raise 7 figures on our platform and a press conference is coming. For us, that’s order #1. This is the victory. Sometimes you miss it because the struggle is so long and so detailed. But… for us… this is it… ‘The Big Break’ in Hollywood parlance.

If this sounds interesting to you, please join The Sports Investing Advisory Council and start planning the new business opportunities that will emerge around sports investing.  

Join us in December 2019 at the C-Suite Vision 2020 Conference in New York where we will be holding a panel with Q+A and our first in-person Council meeting.

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