The Art of Avoiding CEO Burn Out

The Art of Avoiding CEO Burn Out 150 150 Camilla Webster

“More in You” was painted after hearing the story of a CEO who could not calm down. The doctor told him he was going to die one of the youngest billionaires in the U.S. if he didn’t reduce his stress levels. It’s a story I hear often. My paintings and experiences I create for them change their mindset and their  life.

I know from personal experience meditation for the new student is so hard in this state. I believed my paintings could offer a better solution than demanding a overstimulated brain and a system likely suffering adrenal fatigue reach for a mental Everest. Not just to the C-Suite but to roaming employees and consultants. I have been helping collectors and audiences calm down and get into flow since my TED talk four years ago

It seemed to me the journey of calming down could be supported by gaming the system. Looking at images and at changing color fields and moments. The mind could focus on something new without the spirit resistance. The brain could enjoy a mind game that calms and then re-energizes. That’s exactly what “More in You” accomplishes. We are swept in and out of the blue caverns like Han Solo on a epic flight through the galaxy. We can float among the waves like a day out snorkeling across the reef. As the light changes upon the painting a fresh course is revealed. Or it can be taken in as a giant atmosphere we can disappear into during a break.

I felt it was important to choose an environment that also reflects our inner makeup. The water, the suggestion of ocean, of atmosphere 💦 in front of us reflects the water inside us. Water is our great connection and our unifying healer. It is the great distraction away from all those digital distractions healing one c-suite leader at a time.

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