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SWITCH for Your Competitive Edge

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In my last article, I shared the way to start turning your negative self talk into the productive, inspiring language that will benefit us most.

I know most of us do not intentionally live in the negative, but sometimes it’s difficult to stop the habit of obsessing on what’s wrong, rather than what’s right.

So I came up with my SWITCH method to help stop the negativity cycle so that you can keep the competitive edge that comes with living in the Opportunity Mindset ™. The first two elements are:

S- See the Reality

W – Question what’s really the truth with the 5-Ws

Once you’ve started the analysis, it’s time to move forward.

I – Inspect for the good. When I didn’t make the 10th grade cheerleading squad, it felt like the worst day of my life. I cried the entire bus ride home, and for the hours leading to bed that night. I was bereft. I was forlorn. My heart was broken. It was only 3 months later, after learning of the family decision to move across country, that I was able to inspect, and find, the good in not making the team. No expensive cheerleading outfit to waste. No team counting on me to let down. Less pull holding me back to our old town when I needed to be focusing on the new adventures awaiting.

We must recognize that every negative thing in our life has some potential for good – and the KEY is you have to look for it. Rarely will you notice the good when the negative first happens. When that first negative thought explodes on the scene, your first inclination might be to wallow in the problems…yet I promise you, the good is there, just waiting to be discovered and celebrated.

T – Turn it around and Reframe. Once you can acknowledge the good, then it’s time to reframe the situation into a more positive statement. For example, the next time your employee turns in less than stellar work, try looking for the good and reframing. Rather than the negative cycle, of “This employee is such a slacker. She never pulls her weight. She drags the whole team down.” It might sound like,

“I know you worked hard on that project, so what did you find the most challenging? OK, now the good news is we have a clearer picture of where you need extra help, so next time you’ll really know the areas to ask for help with and work on before the next project.” That’s called reframing.

C – Call out what you want. Going back to the project – “I’m looking forward to helping you strengthen your skills so our team can turn in excellent work and achieve our goals.” That’s the way of envisioning your future in a positive direction.

H – Have fun with it! There are a lot of things in life that are hard. So why not do what you can to keep yourself moving in a positive direction – towards more of what you really want. I think following this SWITCH Method will help you do that – and I believe you’ll have more fun as well.

I know this isn’t easy. So I’ve created a SWITCH Method Worksheet. If that something you could use, just shoot me a quick email at and I’ll send it right over.

If you know someone who would benefit from this exercise, please feel free to pass this along to them as well. More positivity in this world is better for everyone!

Christy Largent is a positivity expert and professional speaker. She is hired by corporations and associations that want their employees/members to boost morale, increase teamwork and strengthen communication skills. When she’s not speaking or writing, she’s practicing her stand up skills sitting down, driving her 2 kids to tennis and lacrosse events all across the Dallas metroplex.

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