Is Your Successful Business Costing You Your Relationship?

Is Your Successful Business Costing You Your Relationship? 150 150 Esateys Stuchiner

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We all want to have a successful business, right?

We all want a great, close and loving relationship, right?

Easier said than done?   Well it doesn’t have to be like that.

Here are a few secrets that I have learned and shared with my coaching clients over the years:

  • Relationships can be sacred, and they certainly can be very fragile. More fragile than you know.
  • Successful businesses or careers take a lot of hard work and most of all, a lot of time.
  • Successful relationships take a lot of time and nurturing.
  • The key here is to maintain your boundaries around work requirements and always, be aware of when you are ignoring your relationship for the sake of your business. From my personal experience, your business will always be there but your relationship might not.
  • Communication is crucial. Do you close up when you come home because you are so wrapped up in your business issues? When we have a “bad day” we often need “to process” the day and invariably leave our partner out in the cold wondering what happened and most of all taking the lack of attention personally.

My video has lots more tips for you.

My one piece of advice, if anything that was said here rings a bell, talk to your partner about it and if necessary seek help to get you both back on track.

My question for you to consider “What would it take to balance my Business and my Relationship?”

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