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By Shep Hyken

Self-Confirm the Customer’s Choice to do Business with You

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Just imagine zooming all over the world in a private jet. Jordan Zabel, the Director of Sales for Jet Linx, a private jet company that offers their services to corporate and private members, could make that a reality for you.

As you can also imagine, Zabel deals with high-end customers who expect high-end customer service everywhere they go, because anyone that can afford that kind of service has very discriminating taste … and often along with it, sky-high expectations.

But Zabel knows how to do his job well. He knows that he needs to deliver the highest possible level of customer service. Further, once the sale is made, he knows what it will take to keep those customers in their seats, which is to maintain that same level of stellar service he demonstrated through the sales process, while maybe even increasing the altitude a bit.

As you probably expect, high-priced service usually is accompanied by an outstanding customer experience. Just think of the level of customer care that exquisite hotels like the Four Seasons provide. So what is the challenge for people like Jordan Zabel who deal with these high-end clients?

Zabel explains, “Too many times a company’s marketing propaganda just doesn’t match the customers’ experiences after the sale. It’s all just hype. Hot air. At Jet Linx, I always want my customers to know their decision to do business with us was a good one, anytime they think of us.”

To put it another way, Zabel wants to deliver the promises and meet the expectations that were initially promised in the marketing materials he handed his prospects-turned-customers. After the sale, he wants his customers to keep telling themselves that they made the right decision to choose him and Jet Linx in the first place.

As the customer goes through this process of self-confirmation, ask yourself, “What am I doing before, during and after the sale that continuously reinforces the customer’s initial choice to do business with me?”

If you have good sales skills, sure, that can get some people to come through the door. But what about getting those customers to re-enter that door, again and again? What happens after the customer’s buying decision is made is what really counts. That’s the key to continual success and a steady cash flow. You can help to guarantee that success by delivering consistent, amazing customer service after the sale.

Customer experience design speaker and trainer Joey Coleman talks about a concept he calls The First 100 Days. What happens during the first 100 days after the sale can confirm that the customer made a good decision to work with you. We want our customers, at any time, to always be self-confirming their initial buying decision. When they do, it will lead to the next sale, and the next. It will build a stronger relationship. It can potentially lead to customer loyalty and maybe, if we are lucky, even evangelism, where your customers share their positive experiences about you with their family, friends and colleagues. That’s the power of delivering a level of customer service that self-confirms a customer’s choice to do business with you!