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Reflection and Visualization is Important to Reach Success

Reflection and Visualization is Important to Reach Success 150 150 Bill Humbert

Thanksgiving through the New Year is a time of reflection. Initially, we remember all that we need to be thankful for – our families, good friends, a job we love. Sometimes, our thanks are deeply personal – cancer survivor, long-lasting love for your spouse, significant other, children, grandchildren.


After the Holidays, our reflection shifts towards the new year. Many times, we begin to think about our careers. Are we where we want to be? Do we need additional education to reach our next level – A certification or master’s degree? Do we need to simply look for a new position, either inside our company or outside with a new company?


What have we done well over the past year? What needs to be improved? Personal and business process improvement follow the same paths. Examine each step. Determine what needs to be improved. Far too often, people are determined to make a total change – and throw the proverbial baby out with the bathwater.


It is important to examine what you do well – possibly your interpersonal skills. What can you do better when communicating with others? Often, it comes down to simply asking questions prior to making statements. You may be empathetic After you get embarrassed. Change your behavior at the beginning and experience a more engaging conversation.


According to Gallup’s 2017 State of the American Workplace, fewer than 29% of Frontline Managers and 36% of Professionals are ENGAGED in their jobs. Are you one of the engaged workers? Do you exceed expectations? Would you like to be promoted? Stop paying attention to the people around you. Spend time developing and achieving your goals. By definition, a goal setting and achieving employee is an engaged employee – and one who is recognized with promotions.


Most Americans heard that goal setting is important. Few have ever been taught how to properly set goals. When I wrote RecruiterGuy’s Guide To Finding A Job, I created the acronym SCAMPS to help my readers remember how to properly set a goal. You will also find a SCAMPS discussion in my 2nd book, Employee 5.0: Secrets of a Successful Job Search In The New World Order.


S – A goal must be Specific with a Strategy to meet the goal. This enables you to totally focus on your goal.

CChallenging – A Challenging goal excites your brain! It gets you vertical in the morning with your creative juices roiling.

A – On the other hand, your goal must be Attainable. Your brain is smart. If your goal is not attainable, your brain knows and does not want to work towards achieving it.

MMeasurable – It is important to set benchmarks while creating your strategy, so you know if you are on track towards achieving your goal. If not, you need to increase your effort or find another way to encourage your team to step up their effort.

PPublic – Only among the people who support you. They will hold you accountable by asking, “How are you doing towards achieving your goal?”

SSpecific End Date – This step is important for your measurements step. SCAMPS is the bungee cord to hold your goalsetting together.


Practice SCAMPS on short term goals first. As you experience success, work on longer-term/more important goals. When you complete your goal, you feel that exhilarating feeling of Adrenalin as it flows through your veins.


With your larger goals, Visualization is important to help you attain your goal. It’s important to visualize doing that job successfully, picturing yourself in that target company and position, or even succeeding in a very personal goal. We all talk to ourselves – instead of tearing yourself down, try being your very own cheerleader!


This is the link to my 100th television interview where we discussed the importance of reflection and visualization to reach Success! –


Remember, properly set your goals, creatively find solutions to solve problems on your way, and enjoy your success!

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