Dr. Debi Silber

By Dr. Debi Silber

Reduce Negative Self Talk with These Five Steps

Reduce Negative Self Talk with These Five Steps 1024 683 Debi Silber Debi Silber

So what can you do starting reducing negative self-talk? These tips will help:

  1. Take a deep breath. People resort to beating themselves up because they feel overwhelmed, have
    too much to do, or don’t know how to change their thoughts. If this is you, take a deep breath.
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  • Is your negative self-talk due to someone else’s actions (like betrayal) that has you believing you’re somehow unworthy, less than or unlovable? By taking them on and getting the right type of support, you’ll realize that even though it was done TO you, it’s not ABOUT you and you can begin moving through The Five Stages of Betrayal to Breakthrough so you can heal…once and for all.
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