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Listening – A New Approach to Quality Communication

Listening – A New Approach to Quality Communication 150 150 Julie Ann Sullivan

Listening – A New Approach to Quality Communication

In our corporate worlds, there just isn’t enough listening going on.  This has been made abundantly clear with the vast amount of sexual harassment accusations we are hearing.  One aspect that is leading this cry for honesty and transparency is that the victims finally feel like they are being heard.   Unfortunately, they needed the masses to feel that way.

Scandal is not necessary for you to learn this essential skill of listening.  Don’t you dare call it a soft skill.  If you want your company to grow from the inside out, for every stakeholder, then clearly comprehend why you have two ears and one mouth.  Specifically, listening can afford you valuable information from recruiting to exit, from design to sale, from start up to IPO.

When you are recruiting, assuming you are looking for a workforce that plays well with others and wants to grow with you, listen.  Ask questions that will open a dialogue to expose what that person would do when circumstances aren’t perfect.  Ask and then listen.  Don’t negate or manipulate what they are saying.   Be still, stop thinking about what you want to say and listen.  Ask what they want to be doing in 1 year, 3 years, 5 years.  Under the right conditions, can you give them the pathway to meet those goals?

When someone leaves, find out why.  You may be surprised.  They may have changed priorities, goals or skills.  Simply, they may not be a good fit for your particular organization anymore.  You might be able to help them find a better suited position and keep what might become a loyal customer in the future, because you listened.

Just as you listen to your public, your customers and clients, for feedback on your newest services and products, do the same for the people that carry out your business goals.  In the C-Suite you don’t know what it is like to be in the trenches every day.  Just because you come up with a great idea it doesn’t mean it will work.  You have to include those that will be utilizing that idea in design, preparation and modifications.

Listening.  It’s the new primary skill that has found its celebrity in time to be taught, nurtured and practiced.  See if you can just listen in your next conversation.

Julie Ann Sullivan’s focus is on employee engagement and creating workplace cultures where people want to come to work.  Julie Ann works with companies to develop people who are engaged, productive and appreciated. She hosts the Mere Mortals Unite and Businesses that Care podcasts on C-Suite Radio . For more information go to http://julieannsullivan.com/

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