Ken Fisher of Fisher Investments Discusses Leadership

Ken Fisher of Fisher Investments Discusses Leadership 150 150 Dr. Diane Hamilton

As part of my nationally syndicated radio show, Take the Lead, I interview top leaders and successful individuals who share their success stories. Ken Fisher, the billionaire behind the success of Fisher Investments, sat down for a live interview with me. To hear the entire interview, you can go to and

The following are highlights of what he discussed in our interview:

  • Whether leaders are born or made
  • The importance of knowing yourself
  • What people will do vs. what they can do
  • Activity and attitude equals success
  • What his day is like
  • The key to success in life is wise choices, keen observations, and recognizing your observations are often wrong and modifying when they are wrong
  • The importance of degree programs
  • Universities like Harvard or Stanford are broken, and degrees are equivalent to a bad education in 1910
  • What he wants to hear from an interviewee
  • John Tamny’s article about the uselessness of patents
  • How the economy will change before and after an election
  • Trump vs. Clinton
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