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In order for you to lead, your employees need to BELIEVE in you, TRUST in you, and CARE about you. For them to follow, you need to INSPIRE and show PASSION!

Leaders need to be careful to not get caught up in the minutiae of things, or focusing too much on the long term goal that they overlook the needs of their support staff… Their STARS! Overlooking them is a recipe for long term disaster. If you don’t have employees engaged (feeling like they have skin in the game), then they won’t perform well. And all your worry and hard work will be for naught.

Keeping your team inspired is very important. An inspired, confident team works harder, longer and is more successful. To build confidence, we must first show our team that we have trust in them to get the job done. One of the best ways to do this is by giving employees the latitude to be creative to solve the problems without constant supervision, or being the dreaded micromanager. Micromanagers stifle creativity, weaken performance and disrupt productivity. Ultimately affecting the companies bottom line. Remember, people are naturally driven to solve problems. So let them do what comes natural.

Ladder Technique…

A simple, yet highly effective way to build confidence is to implement what I call the LADDER technique. The premise is in implementing mini goals while building towards the final result.

Picture an extension ladder. You know… the ones you use to clean your gutter with. Imagine it fully extended. At the top of the ladder is a bell. Ringing that bell signifies you’ve reached the GOAL! Look down the ladder and what do you see? Rungs! Visualize those rungs on the ladder as mini goals you need to climb in order to ring that bell.

“INSPIRATION builds Confidence!

Confidence leads to SUCCESS!”


Let’s look at a one year project. You have 12 months to complete the task (ring the bell). Break the time frame down into monthly or bi-monthly mini goal increments. These markers will allow your staff to focus in the immediate with something to build towards next.

The benefits of mini goals are:

1 – Employees are more focused working one step at a time.
2 – It gives your staff an immediate goal to reach for.
3 – Completing each goal instills confidence!
4 – Project manager gets to acknowledge accomplishments. Creating a stronger bond between employee and employer. Trust!

5 – It allows the leader/project manager to closely monitor the overall project as it progresses.
6 – If the project’s direction is not where it should be, you can course correct quickly and appropriately, keeping your time frame of 12 months intact.

7 – If a staff member is not working up to expectations, you will be able to recognize it sooner rather than later.
8 – Easier to evaluate the overall project, the team, direction and final result.

Inspiration can come in many different forms or ideas. The key is to keep trying to find ways that work best for you and your team. Remember that employees like to be recognized for their work, given clear direction on what they need to accomplish and the space to achieve it. Keep that in mind when putting together your next project. And watch the results come in!

Always be leading! Bernie

Bernie Pigott is an expert in leadership, management and media. He is a former Senior Manager and Producer with over 20 years of experience in the news industry working for FOX News Channel, FOX News Radio and CNBC. Mr. Pigott is a C-Suite Network Advisor and contributing editor for the C-Suite Network. For a FREE consultation on how Mr. Pigott can help you and your company maximize performance, productivity and profit.

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