Inspiration or Desperation – You Choose!

Inspiration or Desperation – You Choose! 150 150 Esateys Stuchiner

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Here’s a question that I ask all of my clients.  Would you rather be:

  • Performing and creating from a place of joy, connection and knowing? …. or would you rather be
  • Operating and making all of your decisions and having all of your thought processes coming from a place of desperation or fear?

Which do you think would be more productive, more effective, and most importantly more fun?

Here’s the bottom line.  To be your most productive and most effective in whatever you do you must be doing it from a place of inspiration, a place of purpose, contentment  and knowing  rather than  having to do something because you think you have to.

The key point here is that you think you have to do something. Everything you think, feel and do comes from how you perceive your options.  And what if your perception was seeing the situation half full rather than half empty, where do you think you will be most effective?

My video will show you how you can operation from a place of true inspiration and how much more you will be able to accomplish with the least effort. Click here for the video.

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