Dr. Diane Hamilton

By Dr. Diane Hamilton

The Importance of Understanding Personalities in the Workplace

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Onward Nation’s Stephen Woessner, recently interviewed me regarding the importance of understanding personality in the workplace.

To listen, go to: https://predictiveroi.com/podcasts/dr-diane-hamilton/ 

On this episode we talked about:

  • When a painful experience can lead to something that is better
  • Why you should just take action instead of overanalyzing something
  • The benefits of finding a mentor who is super-efficient & does things differently than you
  • How effective leaders create leaders from the people that they lead
  • Staying true to your personality when having conversations with people
  • Treating people how they want to be treated
  • The problem with having a team that is not diverse
  • Why personality tests can be extremely beneficial
  • Some of the biggest issues with soft skills in business settings
  • Learning everything you can about what it is you want to do
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