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How to Strategically Show Appreciation

How to Strategically Show Appreciation 150 150 Christy Largent

We all love to feel appreciated. As a leader, you have the privilege of showing appreciation to your whole company. Your success in appreciating your employees will be most effective when you target your efforts to strategically meet the needs of the individual.

The interesting thing is how each of us perceive “appreciation” differently. With that in mind, I want to share with you a few strategic ways you can most effectively show appreciation to your team members, in light of who they are and what’s important to them.

“Detailed Dan”

Dan loves to catch every single detail. He dots every “I,” crosses every ’T” and perfection is his middle name. The following detailed way of giving appreciation will really resonate with all of your Detailed Dans.


  • Write a letter of recognition. Schedule a meeting with them to give it to them in person, then put a copy in their file.

They will love this! It’s that VERY SPECIFIC information they CRAVE. So simple. And basically free.

“Action Annie”

Annie is the go getter. She’s high energy and a super hard worker; and she wants everyone to know how hard she works. Credit and appreciation are her life blood.


  • Highlight them in the company newsletter and expound on their work. Then, print off the article and have it framed. Then give it to them with another word or note of appreciation.

This will go so so so so far with them! They will hang the article on their wall and work even harder on the next assignment.

“Peaceful Paul”

Paul is the peacemaker on your team. He does his work, and stays under the radar. He doesn’t like recognition, or want you to make a big deal over him. This appreciation method works great for them.


  • Mail a hand written thank you note of appreciation to his home along with a gift card to a local coffee shop or bookstore. 

Your Peaceful will love the low key element of this, and will appreciate that you notice their positive impact on the team – all without making a big deal of it.

“Sunshine Sally”

She loves people, and loves attention and loves a party. So give it to her the way she loves to have it.


  • Have a cookie/flower/balloon bouquet delivered to her desk along with your thank you note. She’ll be so happy with this showstopper of appreciation – don’t be surprised to walk by her desk a few weeks later and see that that flowers have “dried”…she won’t want to let go of the celebration.

Bonus Idea: Perfect for all members of your team. 


  • Arrange to have the President, CEO, or “Top Dog” send them a personal thank you note. This can be delivered in person or via mail, but what this personal attention from the “most important person” in the company will do, is remind the employee that they are valued, they matter, and that they are noticed.

Which one is your favorite strategy? I hope you can apply it this week as you create a more positive, engaged culture. 

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