Tina Greenbaum

By Tina Greenbaum

How to Keep Your Energy Up and Stay Resilient

How to Keep Your Energy Up and Stay Resilient 150 150 Tina Greenbaum


The other day I was asking myself how I could tell you how to be resilient, and then a friend called the other day and apologized for moving our meeting from 3 pm to 5 pm. She explained, “Doing nothing is taking me longer than I thought.” Many of us have lost focus and are less resilient than we were five months ago. That’s normal. The real job now is how to keep connecting to that initial energy. Get in touch with your Mind-Body Connection and let each do its part.

As you settle into a rhythm, you may find you’re no longer motivated to sign up for the online class….you’re sick and tired of spending your days in front of the computer or binge-watching TV. As I wrote in a previous article, mood changes are frequent. One thing that keeps my focus is recognizing that every day at home is one day closer to the next stage of this experience. 

Stay Resilient

Resilient thinkers focus on “this is temporary, there are better days ahead.” Once you have given yourself permission to mope for a while, what can you say to yourself to keep you in focus? Think of things you are grateful for. Or appreciate that you are safe for the moment; that most of your loved ones have not been in danger. Every focus on the positive side of the ledger tips your mind in the right direction and keeps you resilient.

Don’t Stay Idle

Stay smart, stay safe, and keep wearing your mask. But don’t stay idle. If you’re already working with a non-profit, reach out to them and ask how you can help them from your home. Or ask yourself if there’s something you can contribute to a company, a service, or an organization in need. Or what about politics? It is hard to remember that this is an election year. Every candidate is facing the same issues you are—how to connect to the world safely from their base. Help the candidates you believe in. Reach out to their organization and volunteer to make calls or other activities that can be done remotely. 

Then reach out to them (not physically) and lend a hand. Is there something you can do to make a contribution to someone?

Finally, make sure to focus on someone you love. Call or speak to them every day. It is the best “pick me up” that I know of.



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