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How Can LinkedIn Be Part of Your Company’s Strategy for Responding to the Great Resignation?

How Can LinkedIn Be Part of Your Company’s Strategy for Responding to the Great Resignation? 1024 683 Carol Kaemmerer

The COVID-19 pandemic has given rise to the Great Resignation – and to the scramble by a great many employers for qualified job candidates. This article explores one method C-suite executives and senior leaders can use to improve the odds that their company will attract qualified candidates via LinkedIn.

To inspire job candidates not only to sign on but to also stay for a while, companies need to offer greater flexibility than they have in the past and also make apparent their corporate values and corporate responsibility with regards to current societal issues. Company leaders also need to be more transparent about their leadership style, purpose, and values. The way C-suite executives and senior-level leaders use LinkedIn can help address these needs.

Why are these matters important?

We know that employees who have resigned already (or are planning to) are looking for greater flexibility in work schedule, greater work-life balance, and the ability to work remotely, at least occasionally, if they so choose. Beyond these recently emergent issues, years of Deloitte Millennial Surveys and other studies have stressed that Millennials and Gen Z workers want to align themselves with companies and leaders that have a purpose that goes beyond profit; they want to work for companies and leaders that address critical societal issues. They are looking for leaders who value employees as individuals.

Do these matters require a change in the way most C-suite executives and senior leaders use LinkedIn?

Yes. Most C-suite executives’ profiles are remarkably scant, revealing little information about them beyond their jobs over the years and where they earned their degree(s). But there is the potential for C-suite executives and senior-level leaders to use their LinkedIn profile and their presence on the LinkedIn platform to address these matters. For example:

  • In their About section on their personal profile, a leader can address their business passion, principles, and process. A leader’s authenticity and transparency can be compelling reasons to want to work for them.
  • Under their Experience section and their current job position, if their company is demonstrating good corporate citizenship with respect to some pressing social issues and working with their workforce to provide increased flexibility for employees, they can highlight these aspects of their company here.

Are such changes a good idea?

Yes. Today, most of the talented people who are looking for their next job are social media savvy. They do their research online. Because they are interested in the reputation of the company and leaders with whom they may associate next, it makes sense for companies and leaders to use LinkedIn as part of their overall strategy to appeal to them.

If your company is interested in using LinkedIn as part of your strategy for attracting top talent, I’ll be honored to work with you to tailor a plan for your company and your top leaders.



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