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Hero or Zero – Pick a Side

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It is rare when you realize you are in a moment. The notion usually comes later. Two weeks ago today, I had the privilege of giving a short talk at the big New York event. First, hats off to everyone for putting together a mind-blowing experience on the 34th Floor of the World Trade Center. Being allowed past all the security to just look out the windows was a gift, standing on the stage because anyone wanted to hear what I had to say is something else entirely…

A Special Hero Club Member

I am left-handed. Make of that what you will but I have noticed some interesting patterns over the years. Lefties tend to be much more on the creative and eccentric side of things. You will find an outsized number of south paws (what they called them in Louisiana where I grew up) in politics and the arts. I am especially drawn to music and how pervasive and powerful it is in culture. Some artists have had profound impacts on my life, as I am sure you could say the same. So, I decided to close my talk with a line from one of the most famous musicians of all time. It fit perfectly and I find pure unadulterated wisdom in it. As I looked out across the room, I could see Jeffrey’s eyes light up as if he had seen Bigfoot. As the room cleared out, I was told that the wife of this incredible musician, I had quoted, was in the audience…. a Hero Club member. Let that sink in a little. Two weeks later and I am still thinking about it.

Pick a Side

Jeff likes to say, “Pick a side.” I have heard that said many times in many different settings only to see “situational ethics” kick in and some tortured explanation offered why the reversal isn’t a reversal.I roll my eyes most of the time… at least inside. I have seen so many sellouts so many times that I can hardly bring myself to believe the next claim, but… I saw something with my own eyes in New York. I wanted to invite a very high-level sports executive to one of the mixers held around the event. I brought the matter to Jeff. He asked me if it was (so… and so…), because if it was, he was not getting in. Now, that is a hard position to take. I could have been bringing the next billion-dollar deal to the table (and that is still the case)… but because this particular person had ripped off another member, there would be no entry. I respect this immensely. These are calls that I have had to make and continue to have to make. They are unpopular but they are right. Once upon a time, right is what mattered most. We need to get back to that.

Hero or Zero

My conclusion is… this is the real thing. Creating a new breed of Hero CEOs is exactly what the world needs. In fact, I will go a step further and say that future leaders will be HEROES or they will be ZEROS… meaning nobody cares what they think, say or do. Fakes and frauds are exposed faster than ever thanks to the Internet. Those gifted with leadership skills and opportunity will hold that responsibility as a sacred trust to those who follow or are influenced by them. The rest will perish. Want to get ahead of the curve for 2019? Read “The Hero Factor”. I am. Hero or zero. Your choice.

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