Marty Wolff

By Marty Wolff

Have We Been Misled?

Have We Been Misled? 150 150 Marty Wolff

Most of us are on a journey. We want to make a difference. We want to leave a legacy (more on my mind now then it was at 30 years old). We want people to respect us. So, we think and act accordingly. Where do we get the information that generates those thoughts and actions? We get it from our family environment, our work environment, from what we watch on TV and videos, from what we read in newspapers, magazines, books, etc., and from what we listen to on the radio, podcasts, etc.

In the early stages of my personal and professional development I paid close attention to Robert H. Schuller. He founded the then very famous Crystal Cathedral in Orange County, CA. Many of you never even heard of Robert Schuller. We’ll let me tell you, his book Tough Times Never Last, But Tough People Do! Came along in my life at the right time. I also paid close attention and invested in products from Tony Robbins, Denis Waitley, Naploeon Hill and many of the other “motivational gurus” over the years. I STILL like to listen to these folks.

But, the question remains – is Robert Schuller’s book the reason I got out of the rut I was in at that time, OR was it simply (or maybe really important) match that lit my fire?

I LOVE the “motivational gurus”. All of them. I think they serve a purpose to help us along on our journey. I think we should look at most of what is being delivered to us at high speeds these days. HOWEVER, don’t fall for the trap, that just listening, reading, or watching something is going to propel you to success. If something “lights your fire” you were already on a path, you just did not realize it at the time. If you have more success AFTER you experienced that walking on coals experience, it is because you were ready to make changes and this experience helped get you going.

I don’t think we are being misled. I just think we need to THINK for ourselves after reviewing, thinking, planning, and ACTING toward the destination we desire. In other words, accept the fact that achievement is hard work.

I had something brought to me that had a significant effect on my thinking. My interview with Jeff Haden, about his book The Motivation MYTH: How High Achievers Really Set Themselves Up To Win made an dent in my thinking. I highly recommend this book!