Five things you MUST GIVE to succeed in business and life


Written By: Mike Skrypnek,

Five things you MUST GIVE to succeed in business and life 1024 683 Mike Skrypnek

It is said that people do business with who they know, like and trust. Earning a place in the minds of those you hope to serve requires establishing credibility. You must remove the fear they hold onto that prevents them from taking the leap with you. To receive their business, you must first give. 

“The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.” 

Pablo Picasso

Today we are living in times of great concern and uncertainty. An ominous need to protect ourselves is coupled with a requirement to protect others. Scarcity rules the day and a hoarder’s mentality can seep in. It is true that giving has profound effects, and today it is as important as ever, to lead with service and have confidence that the universe will fill that space you open up by doing so. Here are some practical and simple ways to give and earn credibility so you can be known, liked and trusted:

Give your WORD

In life and business we are only as good as the commitments we make. Before your take on any project, be sure you can deliver, in its entirety. If you say you are going to do something, do it. Giving this to others allows them to trust working with you or to be in a relationship with you. Give this to yourself and you will not make promises you break. By always living by your word you will be very clear what you are willing to commit to.


Be present and on time. When you schedule a meeting, a phone call, or anything…be there on time. Respect that others have their own valuable work and life too. You do not have the right to strip them of their time. They have blocked this for you, so keep the schedule you set. Once you engage, stay focused on the person online, on the phone or across the table from you. Show you care, that you are a partner and you will be able to gain insight to how you can help or support. 

Five things you MUST GIVE to succeed in business and lifeGive your SERVICE

Serve others whenever you can. Once you meet someone, invest the time needed to learn how you might be able to help serve them with their challenges or opportunities. Serving doesn’t place you in a subservient role; it elevates you to a valued and trusted resource. Improving the lives or circumstances of others is a key characteristic of great leaders. 

Give your ENERGY

Direct your energy to the task at hand or person you are serving, and do not give less than that. If you find you cannot focus your energy on that one thing, or that client or relationship for the time needed, then maybe you aren’t working in the right role, with the right people or in the right relationships. We give energy when we are passionate and motivated. Learn what this is for you and you always have the energy to give. 

Five things you MUST GIVE to succeed in business and lifeGive your HEART

Be honest with others about your intention and be courageous to be vulnerable in your exchanges. Share WHY things are important to you about your work, about your life. Reflect your passion and emotion in a way you hope to receive. People you want to work with and who you want in your life will respect and appreciate this. Those who don’t won’t be deserving of your gift. 


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