Does Everyone Want a Piece of You?

Does Everyone Want a Piece of You? 150 150 Frumi Rachel Barr

Does Everyone Want a Piece of You?

Whose agenda runs your life? Yours or someone else’s? At the end of the day, do you feel you accomplished what you wanted to or is it another one of “those days”?

In the fast pace world we now live in, there are so many distractions.  Our inboxes fill up with unwanted messages and too many of the ones we do want as well. Think of how much time the dreaded “reply-to-all’ alone takes. We react to the crises that others create and are often more reactive than proactive.

The one thing we can never recapture is time. There are 28,500 days in the average person’s life if we live to 75 years old.  How many of those days do you have left? If I am depressing you then do something about it – it’s not too late.

Ask yourself what you want to do, see, or experience in your life so that at the end you will say that your life is a success. Not how other people define success, but how you do. That’s what The Big Five for Life philosophy is all about.

Ever since I learned about the Big Five for Life™, I realized that I must make time for those things that really matter to me. There is nothing more important, for example, than family and enduring relationships. If I don’t write another book summary or spend another hour at my desk it won’t matter to anyone at the end of the day so I now give myself a break.

When you are very clear about what matters, make time for those things that you want to do see or experience. Make a list at the end of every day about what you want to accomplish and if those things aren’t in alignment with your purpose or that of your organization – then don’t cheat yourself out of doing what does matter.

The best advice I can give you is live every day with purpose. Stick to your own agenda and don’t get sucked into that of others. When someone asks you to do something that is going to distract you from your purpose just let them know it’s not in your “time budget.”


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