Do you have a compelling (and brief!) Unique Value Proposition statement?

Do you have a compelling (and brief!) Unique Value Proposition statement? 150 150 Kim Chernec

In the corporate space, there is a finite time – whether in-person, by email or phone – to make the right impression the first time.

However, many freelance executives, consultants, small business owners, and sales professionals miss the boat when crafting an irresistible Unique Value Proposition statement (UVP).

Here’s why.

There is an amazing vast array of talent across every industry vertical. These people have drive and determination and have usually decades of experience in their field.

Yet most of them struggle to articulate the brilliance of what they do, and what they offer.

I get that. And I realize that marketing may not be their strength.

Can you relate?

To help you get focused and work efficiently, I’m sharing a proven 5-step process that I use in my own work and with my coaching clients.

5 key components of creating an impactful UVP

Be prepared to dig deep and work methodically on the following questions so you feel very solid around every one of them.

  • Who is your target market?
  • What burning needs, pain points or challenges do you address?
  • What is unique and compelling about your offerings?
  • How are you better and different from the rest?
  • What benefits and results will clients experience?

The next step is to distill the best and most resonant elements of your brainstorming into a concise, thoughtful, compelling (and brief!) paragraph using the preliminary format below:

“I help/work with ______who want to ______and ________so that _______.”

Using this statement as a guide helps take the guesswork out of what to say and how to position yourself so that your message is succinct, crisp, addresses a critical challenge or need, and is easily understood. Same applies whether you’re an IT or AI consultant VP of Sales or a lawyer wanting to offer corporate workshops.

Articulating your UVP effectively is one of the TOP keys to your success.

Do it right, and you’ll get corporate decision-makers to sit up, take notice and want to explore doing business with you.

Interested in more proven strategies for approaching corporate prospects?

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