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By Dr. Diane Hamilton

Craig Weiss Shares How His Company Will Allow Us To Control Our Dreams

Craig Weiss Shares How His Company Will Allow Us To Control Our Dreams 150 150 Dr. Diane Hamilton

As part of my nationally syndicated radio show, Take the Lead, I interview top leaders and successful individuals who share their success stories.  I recently had the chance to interview Craig Weiss, Founder and CEO of Aladdin Dreamer, a technology company that is designing a wearable that allows people to control their dreams. He originally practiced patent law. Prior to Aladdin Dreamer, Craig oversaw NJOY, Inc. the world’s largest independent electronic cigarette and vaping company as President and later as CEO.

To hear the entire interview, you can go to the podcast version, which includes an interview with David Mead, who co-wrote Find Your Why with Simon Sinek and Peter Docker: http://www.podcastgarden.com/episode/david-mead-and-craig-weiss_118355 or you can see the video interview with Craig Weiss on Youtube at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SH3c7OpVTZg&t=1613s

The following are highlights of what Craig discussed in our interview.

  • How Aladdin Dream will allow customers to control their dreams
  • His experience in the vaping industry and how he was lambasted
  • How receiving a law degree impacted his success
  • His startup company and how he is raising funds
  • Serial entrepreneurship issues
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