Breaking Through Obstacles in Your Mind

Breaking Through Obstacles in Your Mind 150 150 Bernie Pigott

How many distractions do you deal with in any given day?   I bet you’d be surprised by the number if you added it all up.  The fact is, all those distractions and interruptions can have a negative impact on how you lead.   That’s why it is important to get your mind right to lead right.

In a prior post I shared with you the Blender of Positivity.  It’s a creative way to help your body and mind power down before bed and how to properly wake up. The Blender of Positivity gives you best advantage at efficiency and to maximize performance for the day ahead.

Now, I want to take it a step further, to get to the core of you.  To help you get past your fears and break through the obstacles that hold you back from getting to the next level.  No, this is not a psych evaluation, nor am I in the medical profession.  But I do know a few things  about challenges and how to overcome them when it seems incredibly difficult to do so. I want to share with you something simple, yet effective that you can do easily. I call it the Honest Evaluation exercise.  It’s something most of you have done already. Except this time, you will learn how to be more efficient and purposeful to deliver better results.

I used this exercise to help me get through my divorce and many other trying times.  Whether it’s a small obstacle or a big challenge that lies in front of you, the Honest Evaluation exercise will help you see things more clearly, take the weight off your shoulders and unclutter your mind.  The key is to stick with it and be consistent.  Below is an outline for the Honest Evaluation exercise.


A few things to remember to get the best results.  As you go through this exercise make sure to be in a calm state. Keep in mind, this exercise is for you and you alone.  No one will judge you, mock you or criticize you.  This is a private exercise that allows for you to ask probing questions that will result in deep, personal answers if you allow it to.  Look into your eyes as you ask questions and relax.  Looking into your eyes helps keep you from lying to yourself.


  • Grab a pen, a pad and a mirror.  (Can use any mirror)
  • Turn off your phone and other nearby electronics (TV, Radio)
  • Put yourself in a calm atmosphere that you can relax and be comfortable in.
  • Now stare into the mirror.  Focus on your face and eyes.
  • Let the first couple of minutes sink in.
  • Don’t think, be observant. (It’s natural to feel uncomfortable at first, just stick with it)

Relax & Breathe…

  • Begin to ask yourself questions and write the answers down.
  • Ask basic questions to start,  What do I see? Who am I? What do I want?
  • Begin to ask probing and harder questions to get to the core of you.  Keep going deeper in your self questioning as long as you can. Keep writing your answers down.
  • As you answer, don’t overthink.  Let it flow.  Remind yourself, nothing is embarrassing or uncomfortable.  This is for you and you alone.
  • When you are finished, you are in a very present state and you want to remain there as long as you can.
  • Take the paper with the answers on it and tuck it away.  DO NOT READ what you just wrote.
  • Go take a walk, a bike ride, sit outside.  Anything to keep you in your present state for as long as you can.

The Answers

In a few days, go back and pull out that piece of paper.  Find a spot that you can relax and be calm in.  Read what you wrote.

  • What make sense?
  • What is true?
  • What are the lies?
  • Are things fear-based, insecurity or ego driven?

As you read your answers a clearer picture should present itself to you.  You can now self-evaluate and determine what you want changed.  What to improve upon.  What obstacles are real and which ones are self imposed.  This exercise helps to put things in perspective.  Ego is put aside as you cut through the chatter in your mind and find the truth of the situation.

The Honest Evaluation exercise, when done in a calm state allows you to get to the core of your true self.  Tap into that and you cannot be stopped.  Don’t fear what you might uncover.  Facing your fears and obstacles head on will make you stronger. Seeing your answers on paper lessens your burden. It helps you refocus and see your goals more clear.  Confusion is replaced with conviction. What was daunting is now plausible.

I am hopeful that this can help you.  I know it has worked for me and others that I have shared this with.  Try it out.  Customize it to your own liking.  Share your thoughts in the comments below.  Just remember, on the other side of fear are your greatest accomplishments.  Keep pushing forward!

Always Be Leading!

Bernie Pigott


Bernie Pigott is a professional speaker and consultant in the areas of leadership, management and media communications.  Mr. Pigott is a C-Suite Network Advisor and contributing editor for the C-Suite Network. He is a former Senior Manager and Producer with over 20 years of experience in the news industry working for FOX News Channel, FOX News Radio and CNBC.  For a FREE consultation on how Mr. Pigott can help you and your organization maximize performance, productivity and profits… Contact us at