Billionaire Naveen Jain Shares His Moon Shot

Billionaire Naveen Jain Shares His Moon Shot 150 150 Dr. Diane Hamilton

As part of my nationally syndicated radio show, Take the Lead, I interview top leaders and successful individuals who share their success stories. Naveen Jain, the billionaire behind Viome and Moon Express, sat down for a live interview with me.

To hear the entire interview, you can go to: and

The following are highlights of what he discussed in our interview:

  • Going from being poor to becoming a billionaire is a mindset
  • Ask what can I do about a problem
  • What if energy becomes like oxygen and does not cost money
  • Abundance makes things demonetized
  • Half of the Fortune 500 companies will go bankrupt in next 15 years
  • The pace of disruption
  • What Uber has accomplished and what will happen to them
  • What is your moonshot and what is possible
  • Smaller problems are harder to solve then bigger ones
  • How to get to the point of landing on the moon
  • Don’t have a plan B as a crutch
  • How to create a billion-dollar company
  • Reason people buy products
  • Curing all disease
  • Better to get into industries with which you are not familiar
  • 70% of serotonin is produced in the gut and not the brain
  • Tony Robbins and Peter Diamandis and the Joe Polish Genius Network event