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Do you truly know what your natural state of being is or what leadership books label as “your authentic self”?

Every leadership book at some point focuses on being your “authentic self.” However, in today’s changing paradigms of how we live, work and play people are no longer truly aware of what is their “authentic self” or natural state of being. The environment and the factors around them have changed and many individuals are still trying to adapt to the acceleration of technology and what impact it makes in their life. Others are realizing that the paths they had set out for themselves, based on who they, are are no longer there to follow. Many individuals have had changes in their life they never expected whether it be early deaths of loved ones, divorce, breakups, moves, career changes or even loss and the list goes on for each person. We don’t continue to be in the same authentic state when life altering changes happen to us. These changes have an affect on how we think, feel, act and even make decisions in the future. Many people become stronger with each step they have to take to overcome the challenge of obstacle in front of them.

Leaders are becoming better at being real in the the corporate arena. However, we still have rules and perceptions of how people should behave in this environment. There are internal perceived prejudices against those individuals who may sport tattoos, piercings (beyond earrings), color their hair vividly, dress differently etc. It is hard for these individuals to then become leaders because they are not easily accepted by the team and organization. Yet these individuals could be brilliant in their thinking and help the organization move forward. They are risk takers willing to be authentic to themselves as every leadership book says but they are not able to get the full support because everyone should be mostly the same. We are biased on what is on the outside rather than truly understanding the natural state of being for each person.

One thing many books do not teach is how do you stay self aware through this process of change around us. Individuals just keep moving forward with what they think is who they are without reevaluating if that is truly how they want to be and live. When massive life changes happen like divorce – you change. Your internal norm changes and you must evaluate how this event has affected you. Your own authentic self may have changed a little and its important that you become self aware of it otherwise you will continue on paths that will make you feel unhappy or unfulfilled and you wont know why. After my second divorce I had been at AT&T for three years and three different cities. At the time, I was at AT&T HQ in Downtown Dallas, TX. I had a great role as a Chief of Staff in the Marketing organization and I loved the role and the challenges it provided me. At first, I used to be in power suits with heels, long hair and always dressed in a traditional corporate manner. However, as I went through processing the major change happening in my life I wanted to bring out my creative side within work a little more. The changes happened slowly but between what I outwardly was perceived to almost two years later the physical difference was noticeable. I had short hair (almost spiky), blue contacts, cowboy boots (all the time), fashionable but tasteful clothes and an attitude that helped me truly be creative to find solutions and push the business forward. By bringing my inside self to be more noticeable on the outside I was able to do better in my role and even get more noticed. I still remember the day, our brilliant but conservative CMO telling me that she really admired my new style.

Just a note – The CMO was a brilliant lady who came up the ranks as a sole female officer and dressed and thought conservatively yet supported some of the most innovative thinkers in her organization. Even though she wasn’t quite there she understood the importance of letting some of us shine in our own ways. If I had not taken the time to understand who I wanted to be at this critical time I wouldn’t have been involved in things that eventually led me to have my next role at AT&T which truly allowed me to be a leader in innovation and exposed me directly to many of the things I work on today.

There is no cookie cutter process of becoming self-aware through change and challenges. However, there are some basics that each person must process for themselves. It is an iterative process that takes time and true dedication to wanting to be self – aware. Some people are afraid of change even if its coming from their own internal psyche. If you want to be a better leader and help others go through the self awareness journey you must do it yourself. Our team supports the process of getting deep into who you are and where you want to go in this changing paradigm. We help you find your current state of being and how you can bring that authentic self to every aspect of your life.

Do you know your current state of being?

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