Are You Wealthy? Three Ways To Get Closer to How You Define Wealth

Are You Wealthy? Three Ways To Get Closer to How You Define Wealth 150 150 Holly Duckworth

In this new state of 2020 living, it is often easy to ignore the pile of bills, avoid calling that creditor, and even fear to reach out for a new source of financial flow. In a recent conversation with my financial team, one advisor commented, “Holly now is the time to get closer to your money, not farther away from it.”  I was so deeply moved by his words of encouragement I wanted to share them with you.

“Now is the time to get closer to your money.”

As the founder of the C-Suite Mindful Leadership Council people often come to me believing that as a council we do not talk about money. That would be taboo.  Mindfulness is the practice of being present in the moment, with non-judgment. This includes money. Money is a part of our lives in every moment. Moment to moment we are circulating money by making it or spending it.

If we are learning nothing from the news, social media, riots, protests, and conversations. We as a human society need to talk more about, well, almost everything.  It’s time we navigate a new relationship with our money, budgets, spending, and resource allocation at work and home. Let’s get closer to our thinking, believing, and acting with money in business and home.

Three ways to overcome the taboo around money:

  • What you think about you bring about with your money. As you approach money be it a card or cash think positive and good thoughts about it.
  • Believe again. This pandemic has challenged so many people financially.  This is the one time in history the entirety of the global human family is facing financial decline.  Let the possibility concept of money bring you back to life. With each new dollar circulating in and out of your bank account think about the power of your breath and how it circulates in and out without you having to think about it. As you get the awareness of your money circulation going again you can set it on a path to easeful flow.
  • When you get stagnant with money you become stagnant in all areas of your life. Find small ways to circulate money. Even if it’s something like buying a drink from the kids at the lemonade stand or donating your change at the check-out. Make every interaction you have with money a positive one.  Then stand back and watch more money flow through your life.

What we think about money, believe and how we act with money we bring about.  I believe you already are wealthy, and from that place of consciousness draw more wealth to you and your business.  In a recent episode of the Everyday Mindfulness Show, we talked with Simone Milasas about living the life you are not supposed to have. If you come from the belief system of thinking where you are not supposed to have the money you may be creating that as your life experience.  Check out her show linked here with 5 questions to navigate what you think you should have as wealth in your life.

Often in society, we weave the words wealth and money together.  At this time of renewal, I invite you to dive a little deeper into your connection with the word’s “wealth” and “money”.  What is wealth to you? What is money to you? Maybe by separating the two concepts, you find new ways personally and professionally to be wealthy.  To be wealthy is to be plentiful.  In this time of re-set, we must not lose faith in our own ability to be wealthy.  See plenty in your bank account no matter the balance.  See wealth as you define it. Feel wealth. Sense wealth in every aspect of your life. Know wealth as the truth of your business.

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Holly Duckworth, CAE, CMP, LSP, is the founder of the C-Suite Mindful Leadership Council, a nationally recognized speaker, author, and coach for mindful leadership.  Her company Leadership Solutions International works with stressed-out leaders to create profits, peace, and presence.  Look for her podcast on C-Suite Radio and library of award-winning mindful leadership and sales books at the C-Suite Book Club.

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