Titus Bartolotta C-Suite Network Advisor Since February 2019

Certified Business / Life Coach, Teacher and Speaker - Author



Titus Bartolotta is a certified business / life coach, teacher and speaker having received his training and certification through “The John Maxwell Team

As the owner and lead coach / speaker for his own “Personal Development & Professional Growth” firm called Collaborative Solutions Group, Titus takes great pride in working with clients in many different connective ways.  Through his 1 on 1 coaching, clients get a real face to face or phone mentorship experience to work on important areas of grow such as situational leadership, effective communication, measurable influence, results driven sales techniques, and a mindset that wins.  Titus has created a number of group style programs geared towards created a team style of learning with a focus on the essentials to see greater results from ones efforts.  Programs such as “Performance Essentials 101”, “Business Fundamentals”, and Next Level Leadership all help a group of individuals or a team lean, develop and grow together in a meaningful and highly affordable manner.

Titus has created a world-class digital mentorship program that allows anyone, from anywhere in the world to have access the content, teachings, and motivation that comes from Titus and his team.  “Club CSG” is an online learning system that truly brings a learning treasure trove to any individual or team that is looking for the tools to build out their vision.  In addition to learning videos, worksheets, reading lists, quotes to live by, and motivation insight directly from Titus, a member of this subscription model will gain access to a LIVE group learning call monthly.  Taking your efforts and the results of your performance to the next level is now easier to do than ever before.

As the author of the highly acclaimed book “The Master Within” Titus has enjoyed bringing this gift to the world.  This easy to read work builds a bridge between art forms and soft skills and teaches the reader that everyone has the ability to create a masterpiece, but only if they allow the master living within them to come to the forefront.  This book provides a roadmap to do just that and the the engaging workbook style pages at the end of each chapter this is more than a book, but rather a work of art.

Titus is the host of a highly rated and popular show on ESPN called “Solutions From The Huddle” which airs on ESPN Charlotte Saturday Mornings at 10:30am est.  This show covers business and life topics.  Titus interviews local business leaders and influencers as well as national athlete and other celebrities to share their breakthroughs, insights and wisdom.  If you are outside of the greater Charlotte market and want to listen LIVE on Saturday mornings you can simply click here.

In 2014, Titus was moved to start a 501(c)(3) charity called “The Lotta Foundation“.  This is an organization committed to “Doing A Lotta Good”.  Thought the Lotta Food, Lotta Coats, Lotta Toys, and Lotta Love projects and drives, this organization is designed to bring the needed support to families struggling and in great need for a hand up, rather than a hand out.  With a board of directors, stable of amazing committees members and other volunteers, A Lotta Good is happening in North Carolina.

Married in 2008 to his best friend, partner, and the mother of his two children, Titus and Christina enjoy building their family, businesses, and life in a way that connects with others and showcases that even though both Titus and Christina came from broken homes, the grace of God, effectiveness of true love, and commitment to work on and inside their marriage can ensure the fruitfulness of the Bartolotta family.

Titus created a truly premier development and marketing organization called “Business Leaders Unleashed” and through this organized and intentional business, processionals are given networking and marketing opportunities through the vehicle of relationship development.  This business hosts hundreds of business leaders and processionals every week throughout multiple cites and equips them for success within their lives and businesses.

Having been hired by major Fortune 500 companies and other industry leaders such as Keller Williams, Lowes, Novant Health, Cutco Knives, and Jiffy Lube International to speak, Titus’s speaking style has been described as direct, connective, engaging, motivational and educational.  Hiring Titus to speak at an event is easy to do and breaths elements that energize, educate and ready others to grow their efforts and see measurable results from their performance.  Learn more here.