Suzanne Raja C-Suite Network Advisor Since April 2019

Founder and Master Coach at Spa For The Soul


Are you a successful CEO or Entrepreneur Woman?
I help you attain Peak Radiance in all areas of your life.


Suzanne Rickards Raja, Founder and Master Coach describes Spa for The Soul as a “necessary luxury” for the woman who is making a difference.

Peak Radiance is the glow that is achieved when you are in balance and you are shining brightly in all areas of your life.

The idea is that when one area of life such as business is shining and thriving, you want to be sure that your relationships are also glowing with juicy aliveness. If your bank account is flourishing, you also want to ensure that your health and wellness is robust!

Spa for the Soul is a wholistic approach to peace, happiness and fulfillment. Every aspect of your life is taken in to account and given nourishment.

As a woman of influence, you give much of yourself, and often “shuush” that little voice of your soul that carries with it such wisdom, because you never seem to have enough time. Spa For The Soul gives you the time you need to listen to your soul’s wisdom which in turn allows you to feel more seen, heard, loved and appreciated.

Our Mission, is to guide you to embrace, embody & empower your soul wisdom in life, love and social impact, so that your personal life, professional career and legacy blooms with even more ease, grace and passion!