Sue Dyer C-Suite Network Advisor Since 2017

Thought Leader, Dispute Resolution Consultant, Strategist

Business Culture

Sue Dyer founded OrgMetrics LLC in 1986 as a consulting firm dedicated to successful facilities development by creating collaborative cultures. Sue has become the thought leader on collaboration in facilities development. As the Executive Director at Underground Contractors Assn. (now UCON) she became the first woman in the U.S. to lead a collective bargaining unit for the construction industry.  During that period, Sue developed a non-adversarial negotiating approach that she used for all construction crafts, and many large organizations. After 3100 facilities projects and 30 years in the industry,  she knows that Collaborative Partnering really works.

Sue developed the Construction Scorecard™ Program that allows a facility owner to predict what is going to happen on their project so that they can marshal their resources where needed before there is a problem.