Stephen Sapato C-Suite Network Advisor Since 2016

Steve Sapato is the most famous unfamous speaker in America.

Management & Leadership

Steve Sapato, Pitch Expert, helps people create one-of-a-kind presentations, pitches, brand and books that scale their influence for good. He has an intense background in interpersonal communication and has written books on relationships, business networking, and business success. He has also been involved as a script and continuity supervisor for an upcoming movie, Under The Palm Trees due to start filming in the fall of 2017.

His ability to create interest, curiosity and direction simply by helping you define your profession to others is what makes him so unique.

His presentations receive high evaluations for featuring original insights and stories, laugh-out-loud anecdotes and actionable recommendations people use immediately to produce the results they want.

He has been the pitch coach for many organizations and professional networking groups including P.I.N. (Partners In Network) in Tampa, FL.

He is known for his ability to help people create intriguing, purposeful, original communications that help them break-out instead of blend in.

Steve is also known for his business acumen attributable to being an owner and manager of several successful small businesses and he coaches small business to greater success with his Business Builder Coaching program that has changed the face of small business success.

His professional business networking skills are prominent in his book, ‘Become The Go-To Person For Your Own Success’ and the successful launch of his ebook ‘Small Business Riches’ is changing how small business thinks.

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