Sheryl Lynn – A Joyful Collaboration Specialist C-Suite Network Advisor Since September 2020

Sheryl Lynn, Founder of JOYELY


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Welcome to JOYELY STUDIOS, the ultimate destination for finding, being, and sharing joy.

Our rally cry is JOY TAKES PRECEDENCE! 

Would you, your company, your staff, your family all benefit from engaging in the Playbooks of learning how to have Joy Within once and for all?

Is unleashing your potential once and for all on your to-do list?

Imagine very affordable workshops like Quiet the Mind and Abundance Unlimited Mind at your fingertips!

Classes are powerful and these online programs are focused on the end game, which to to discover the power of joy.

Your steps!
Feel Joy and Breathe!

Feel Joy and Achieve!
Feel Joy and Succeed!
Feel Joy and Win Again!

And maybe…even make some headway on the “I’ll get to that one-day” list.

Watch and learn from others who have mastered joy, and ENROLL in one of the online programs.



JOYELY is an American vintage-inspired BRAND with unique offerings that emphasize the importance of focusing on joy in a BIG WAY and like never before. Part of our collection is a Throne Chair – an  Upholstered Luxurious Tufted White Leather and Gold Leaf Frame beauty that captures vintage memories and powerful content from our JOYELY community members and clients.

Do you believe it is possible to live every single day from a place of joy, peace, and prosperity?  We do! Through our elite collaborations, educational material, powerful interviews, and unparalleled events, you will likely be inspired to laugh, celebrate, remember when, grow, or develop a new skill-set. Experience more peace, prosperity, and yes JOY.  Oh, and just maybe a touch of goosebumps will show up when we take you down JOYELY LANE!



——–Why? They make joy their fundamental responsibility every day for themselves and those whom they impact.


——–It does to us too! Happiness is the starting point, and now we have JOYELY.


“The first and most fundamental responsibility for an individual is to become a joyous human being.”
-Sadhguru, Yogi, and Spiritual Teacher

“Ultimately the greatest joy is when we seek to do good for others.”
-Dalai Lama XIV,  The Book of Joy


The more she studied and lived this life of joy, the more people entered her life who also have their own powerful force fields. Experiencing connection after connection, and extending invitations to some “joy matches”, Sheryl soon had the tangible cornerstones of which had been whirling around in her heart. These are the JOYELY community, founding finances, a core inner team, and her developing story around joy taking precedence in her life while inviting others to join her.

Some people have a light that refuses to grow dimmer. Instead, the light becomes such a bright force throughout a lifetime that they, themselves, have become their own energy source.

Sheryl Lynn, founder of JOYELY is one such light. Emerging at a time where it is more important than ever to cultivate that light- the light of health and healing that qualifies as nothing less than miraculous, the light of doing what had previously only been imaginary, the light of prospering financially— what Sheryl has discovered, with the help of her followers is that Joy, when mastered is the key to a life worth living. Find out more! 


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Opening the JOYELY STUDIOS in Central WI has been pure JOY.  When Entrepreneur and Retired Teacher JOHN sat in the iconic leather chair last week, he said with a radiant smile, “Wow, what gives me joy is remembering the old backpack I took with me into the Rockies in the ’60s. My parents shoved a tent, a thermos, and a few sandwiches in the gold beauty, and away we went.  Camping was different then too, simple, clean, and the stories we would tell.”

I could tell he had not thought of that in a while. It was pure joy to listen in!