Sean Gallagher C-Suite Network Advisor Since May 2018

Team Coach

Management & Leadership

About you:

  • You’re an innovative leader looking to improve your business.
  • You want your people to feel safe & valued so they share their best ideas.
  • You know success come only from working well as a team.
  • You want to give your teams what they need to succeed.
  • You know that getting teaming right is the ultimate competitive advantage.

About me:

  • As a team coach I help leadership and other business teams deliver superior results.
  • My clients have included Abbott, Bell Canada, Blue Cross, HP, and others. I’ve helped a small church and a school for disabled kids.
  • I was a Lecturer at Boston University. And I’ve been involved in research into business culture, change management, and team performance.
  • I only use methods & tools that researchers have demonstrated as effective.
  • I use standardized tools at the beginning and end of a project to measure team improvement.
  • I’m relentlessly committed to your team’s success.