Rod Collins C-Suite Network Advisor Since September 2020

Futurist | Author | Keynote Speaker

Management & Leadership

Rod Collins is a leading expert and thought leader on the future of business transformation. Rod’s books, blogs, and speeches inspire through their use of storytelling and leading-edge ideas. Rod is continuously focused on pushing businesses to rethink the way they work, collaborate and remain competitive in today’s marketplace. He is the host of the Thinking Differently with Rod Collins podcast  on C-Suite Radio, and he writes a column on about how the technology revolution is transforming the business of business. An award-winning author, Rod’s books include Wiki Management, which highlights the innovative tools and practices of a revolutionary new management model, and Leadership in a Wiki World, which illustrates how leaders can leverage the power of collective intelligence to sustain extraordinary performance in rapidly changing markets.

Much in demand for his insights on the next wave of the digital revolution, Rod has appeared before thousands of people around the world.  His keynote talks on how emerging technologies such as blockchain, the Internet of Things, and artificial intelligence will dramatically transform business, product, and operating models have captivated people from a wide range of companies including IBM, Hitachi, Oracle, Pfizer, Virtual Instruments, the World Health Organization, Comcast, CDW, Info-Tech, CHG Healthcare Services, Datalink, Rio Tinto, Salesforce, Simplivity, Sitecore, Xcentium, and One World Labs.

Rod keeps a pulse on the developments and shifts in technology to help industry leaders understand how technological innovations will reshape their product models and to use this knowledge to not only improve their current operations but, more importantly, to be leaders rather than victims of digital transformation.