Rick Lybarger C-Suite Network Advisor Since December 2020

Rick Lybarger


Wisdom1 is about conscious living and discovering the place within yourself that helps you to break free from outside influence and go within to find peace and balance to live your best life.  It was born out of my own search for happiness, peace, and the things I needed to do to release my own shame and fear.  Everyone one has a story about the successes, triumphs, and failures.  They are some of the things that shape our livers.  If you took away your money and your titles who are you really?  Would you be happy and at peace with life?  Do you know the simple joys of a sunrise or the feelings of a good laugh or cry?  Are you always chasing something so you don’t have to slow down and be at peace with yourself?  These are the questions I found myself asking.  They lead me on a journey within.  A search for peace, health, joy and love for myself.  Wisdom1 is build around the modern tools and ancient teachings that can help you rediscover or discover for the first time the amazing person within.

First Vice President—Wealth Management 

Family Wealth Advisor 

Financial Advisor 

Financial Planning Specialist

Rick provides clients with comprehensive financial planning services  that encompass both sides of their personal balance sheets and virtually every aspect of their  financial lives. The strategies he creates contain tangible recommendations that may include  diverse disciplines such as cash flow management, insurance and lending. As a Family Wealth  Advisor, Rick has demonstrated his ability to work closely with families to understand their  circumstances, which extend beyond their finances and involve their individual and collective  goals. His client relationships have started to move into the next generation, as he is now  working with the children and families of his long-standing clients, and he takes pride in guiding  them through each evolution in their lives. 

Rick’s financial services career officially began in 1993, but its roots date back years before,  when he worked as a runner at the Philadelphia Stock Exchange while still in high school. In  1997, he joined a predecessor firm of Morgan Stanley as a financial advisor and came to the  

Sound Shore team in 2019. Rick has earned the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERTM designation  from the College for Financial Planning, as well as the Morgan Stanley credentials of Financial  Planning Specialist and Family Wealth Advisor, which affirm his ability to help clients pursue  their most challenging financial objectives. A graduate of Shippensburg University, Rick earned  a B.S. in public administration.  

Rick lives in Selinsgrove, Pennsylvania, with his three children. Active in his community, Rick  serves on the board of directors of the Susquehanna Valley Estate Planning Council and  ENACTUS Susquehanna University, a nonprofit organization that supports entrepreneurial  initiatives for small businesses and helps to improve quality of life for people in need. In his free  time, Rick enjoys paddle-boarding, yoga, meditation and hiking. 

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