In the ever changing business landscape, the way you communicate and your presence are positively crucial to the success of your company ~ do you have a plan?

Meet Miluna

Meet Dr. Miluna

Miluna Fausch has an intuitive and scientific problem-solving perspective coming from years of multi-passionate experience in 9 – 5, retail, as an entrepreneur, serving on non-profit boards, and on stage & screen as a performer. She has sold everything from magazine advertising to Steinway grand pianos. Miluna is an intuitive sound healer who hears sounds, words, and music.

Dr. Miluna has a B.S. in Music Business and a Ph.D. in Holistic Psychology and extensive training in voice, acting, energy healing and intuition. She created her exclusive 7-step Vocal Archetypes® system to train conscientious CEOs, C-Suite executives and Thought Leaders in confident, compelling communication and emotional intelligence (EQ).

In her free time, she can be found attending concerts & lectures, traveling, wine tasting, watching Formula 1 auto races, serving on the Advisory Board of Love Never Fails to stop human trafficking and serving as a mentor through the local school’s Mentor-Tutor program.

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About Pitch Perfect Executive Speaking

Forbes says in an ideal world all leaders would be great communicators and Warren Buffett says your value goes up by 50% when you learn to public speak well.

I believe that the world is calling out for effective, dynamic, responsible leaders. Those that practice clear, courteous, courageous, conscious, and inclusive language arts!

  • Have you been told that you don’t have executive presence?
  • Do you find that your voice does not represent you well?
  • Is your language including everyone in the room?
  • Are you suffering from “communication failures” from a lack of emotional intelligence (EQ)?

Our custom mastery programs help you find your own voice/role/branding within the company so that you can speak confidently and present with excellence.

This training is for executives and professionals who need to upgrade their voice, presence and speaking game by building more skilled verbal communication that is confident, dynamic, full of ease and polished, all while communicating your essence and having a real connection to your audience!

Here are just 3 of the 7 key areas of training you may experience through a custom 1-to-1 Executive Mastery program:

  • What’s your voice: breaking down habits and beliefs that cost you credibility, influence, and money
  • Presentation techniques that give you confidence, help you look professional on video, in the board room, and during media interviews
  • Developing the self-awareness and emotional intelligence necessary to establish and maintain professional relationships.

Private, confidential, concierge, exclusive 1-to-1 training is available for CEOs, rising executives, and key leadership teams. References are available and a promise of satisfaction is in place.


For CEOs ~ Executive Communication & Presence

When it’s time to Up-Level your Communication – are you?

  • The Boss but don’t communicate like the boss? Your vocal power, presence and words must be clear, impactful, inclusive, and sophisticated
  • Losing credibility in front of larger groups?  You know that your voice is not reflecting your position and influencing others as it could
  • Highly educated, introverted and introspective and you desire to communicate with more savvy and skill like an extrovert
  • Now making higher stakes presentations in front of your departments or the board
  • Choosing to be ready for media interviews understanding the nuances and differences of each stage and arena
  • Ready to learn language that is clear, courteous, courageous, conscious, and inclusive as a leader
  • At the point you want to master stillness and focus bringing in heart, self-awareness and social skills to build strong relationships

The key is to train to stay in the present moment and “all circuits firing” at the same time to perform at your best. Through my exclusive, concierge 7 step Vocal Archetypes® system, you will finally own your superpowers and stop feeling like an impostor!

Pitch Perfection for Executives & Professionals

Say you're a good speaker and presenter and you've gotten by, but now you realize that your leadership skills are stuck because you don't know how to be a world class speaker.

Are you?

  • Not confident of your voice & role in your company? Your vocal power, presence and words that you choose must be powerful & polished
  • Freezing or shrinking in front of small groups or large crowds?  You know that your voice is not influencing others as it could
  • Highly educated and trained, but you live mostly in your head so your presentations and speeches aren’t dynamic and don’t have the impact that they must have
  • In a demanding role at your company and you love it, but now you’re making high stakes presentations in front of your colleagues, boss, or the Board and you are suddenly feeling insecure
  • Realizing that you don’t know how to deliver from stage or how to put your talk together so that it easily flows and seems authentic to you
  • Concerned that you will forget your words and dread Q & A time

This training is for executives and business owners who need to step up their voice, presence and speaking game by building more effective verbal communication that is confident, dynamic, full of ease, all while connecting to your audience. Your results include increased sales, new clients, and new opportunities for recognition and promotion.

Pitch Perfect Accelerator – for startups!

Life’s a Pitch…and you are about to launch your first startup, but your pitch is not consistent and you:

  • Find that you get nervous and start clearing your throat, lose focus, or turn around and just read your slides
  • Forget to say the key things that absolutely positively must be said when you pitch
  • Have no idea what to do with your hands and how to manage your computer/pointer/equipment and stay present in the room
  • Are confident in your native language, but you need help navigating in American English and with our pitch culture in the United States
  • You already have initial funding, but you don’t have the voice, presence, body language, or ability to think fast on your feet and handle the Q&A

So….you didn’t grab the attention of the perfect investor who could and would fund you! Ask yourself, “how much longer can I afford to pitch poorly?

Here are just 4 of the key areas of training you will experience through my custom 1-to-1 Mastery program designed for new Startups:

  • Your big audacious why that makes you stand out in the crowd
  • How to connect and work the room as you pitch
  • Delivering your pitch with an authentic, pure tone that attracts attention, fans and funding
  • Using humor and storytelling to build relationships

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“Miluna is a very talented woman. All topics I learn have never been covered by any other trainer. If anyone is looking to pitch to a VC, Miluna is the person that can multiply the chances to get funded.”

- Christian Farioli, Digital Marketing Lecturer, Digital Transformation Advisor, Digital Agency CDO, Keynote Speaker

“Originally I reached out to Dr. Miluna to help with voice instruction but I have to say I received so much more! Dr. Miluna truly tries to understand the client, their background, and their goals before developing a program and approach. She then builds on this foundation as you progress through the program, making adjustments and tailoring it to your objectives as needed. Dr. Miluna helped with not only the voice mechanics but also provided tips and guidance on health and wellness. She was in a word, transformational. Whether for personal instruction or corporate groups, I would highly recommend Dr. Miluna for an engagement. I will more than likely be having follow on sessions with her once I’ve had a chance to practice the techniques that she has provided.”

-Kevin Fawver, Head of Customer Success, Sales Engineering and Customer Support at Zinier, Burlingame, California

“Miluna Fausch is not only intelligent and well spoken but gives so much real world content that the audience is mesmerized the whole time and has a real to do list that they know they can achieve every point that she made. I love having Miluna speak at all my events because I never have to worry about having a disappointed crowd… they are always asking to have her come and speak again and again!”

-Tonya Hofmann, CEO & Founder of the Public Speakers Association


Are you Dreading your next Zoom meeting?

Are you Dreading your next Zoom meeting?

You may say, “Hey, Google”. Command Alexa. Speak a desired destination to waze.  But, how’s your virtual